On & Off Boarding Webinar

On & Off Boarding Webinar


'On & Off Boarding Can Be More Efficient'

Within each organization is an on & off boarding process. It consists of a number of different steps that come back every time.

Examples for hiring include a workplace, phone, laptop, access card and access to systems and applications. Experience shows us that this process is often not optimal for our customers. Contact with multiple departments including facilities, ICT and HR is often not flawless and can be improved.

CBABenelux helps you understand the on & off boarding process within your organization and helps you optimize the process with our experience & tools.

Our tooling not only gives you insights into the process steps, but also allows you to see the status and progress. As a result, you know what steps have been taken and which still need to be taken by whom.

All this leads to more insight into the process and reducing errors, ManageEngine has  software available that can perform these steps for you automatically.

✔️ Reduce Errors

✔️ Insight into the status & progress of the process

✔️ Faster and easier on & off boarding procedure


As a participant, we have these procedures and much more available to you in templates.

This webinar is intended for ICT, HR and IT security management.

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When: 25 Februari 2021
Where: Online
Event type: webinars


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