Analytics Plus Professional


Out-of-the-box ITSM analytics.


Integration with ServiceDesk Plus helps Analytics Plus improve IT service delivery performance and efficiency with better insight into your ITSM data. Choose from over 100 reports and dashboards built on more than 80 KPIs or customize them to create your own, without being a data expert.


Unified insights on a single dashboard


Get deeper insights on network monitoring, application monitoring and customer support operations, by integrating with ManageEngine's IT Operations and Support suite.


Connect and upload with ease


Import from various sources including, files, URL feeds, and SQL or cloud databases to transform data into insightful reports.


·        Files and feeds


Upload data from flat files such as .CSV, .XLS, .HTML, .JSON, .XML, and .TSV while pulling data from web URL feeds.


·        Databases


Synchronize with SQL databases such as Oracle, MSSQL, MySQL, and PostgreSQL, as well Amazon RDS, Amazon Redshift, Microsoft Azure SQL, Google Cloud SQL, Heroku PostgreSQL.


·        Data blending


Blend and merge data across different tables. For example, you can combine sales figures with marketing investments to view the performance of your marketing campaigns.


In-depth KPI analysis


Build insightful reports and dashboards that use powerful visualizations to identify patterns and anomalies.
Drill down to specific metrics to pinpoint areas that need improvement.






·        Easy to use


Our report builder's drag-and-drop interface lets you easily build complex reports, even if you're not an expert. Your data will look familiar presented like spreadsheet, making it easier for you to work with.


·        Visualization


Choose from over 30 charts, widgets, pivot tables, and tabular views to represent your data. Switch visualizations on the fly.


·        Smart


Combine multiple reports into a single, live dashboard. Insert images, formatted text, widgets, and web components in a flexible designer layout. Our interactive dashboards aid analysis and help you make better decisions.


·        Powerful formula engine


This built–in formula engine and its extensive library of mathematical and statistical functions give you the power to derive metrics from your raw data.


In-depth analysis of KPIs


Out-of-the-box integration


Get deeper insights into helpdesk, customer support operations, network and application monitoring,
by integrating with ManageEngine's ITSM, Support and IT Operations suite


·        ServiceDesk Plus


Bring your ServiceDesk Plus data to life with a wide range of charts and visualizations. Populate charts from various ServiceDesk Plus modules, all combined in a single dashboard.


SupportCenter Plus


Visually analyze customer support data using a wide range of charts, tabular and summary reports. Forecast requirements and trends from key accounts and measure business impact by accessing over 65 ready-made KPI reports.


Applications Manager


Get an overall view of applications, servers and systems in physical, virtual and cloud infrastructure. Integrate with Applications Manager's data, analyze it using over 100+ KPIs and represent the findings using interactive dashboards and reports.




Get a snapshot of all the devices in the network, identify problematic devices and view dashboards of these key business processes. Drill down to specifics by using charts, widgets, KPI metrics, pivot tables, and other tabular view components.


Share and collaborate


Let your data do the talking. You can easily share reports across your organization with our intuitive
export,embed, and publish options.


·  Fine-grained
access control


Maintain full control over what your colleagues or clients can see and do with the reports you share. Choose access permissions ranging from read-only to, full ownership of shared data.


·  Print and


Let your reports come to you. Schedule reports and dashboards and have the results emailed to you automatically. Export or print reports for offline access.


·  Publish and
embed reports


Publish your reports so they're accessible to other Analytics Plus users. Embed your reports and dashboards across websites, intranets, blogs, and applications to reach a wider audience.




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Analytics Plus Professional
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