What Is Dektop Central MSP?

Desktop Central MSP is a web-based Windows Desktop Management software that helps Managed Service Providers to efficiently manage their customers desktops and servers. It offers integrated desktop management functions, like Software Distribution, Patch Management, IT Asset Management, Remote Control, Windows Configurations, System Tools and Mobile Device Management for Iphone, Android etc.

How Does Desktop Central MSP Work?

Desktop Central MSP is built on agent-server architecture. It provides two different options in managing customers of varied sizes.

  • Managing directly from Central Server
  • Managing through the Distribution Server

You can choose different options for your different clients based on your need.

Managing Directly from Central Server:

In this mode, each agent residing in your clients\\\' desktop directly communicate with the central server. This is suitable in cases where you have very few desktops to manage. You do not need a dedicated system at your clients place for installing the distribution server.

Managing Through Distribution Server:

Consider a scenario where you have more than 10 computers at one of your clients. If each agent contact the server to download the required patches, software binaries, etc., it will cause a definite bandwidth overhead. In such cases, you can opt to install a Distribution Server in one of the computer in the clients place. The distribution server periodically synchronizes the patches and software binaries with the central server. The agents installed in the client computers will contact the Distribution Server to pull the tasks available for them and also download the patch and software binaries from the distribution server.

What Can You Achieve Using Desktop Central Msp?

Automate most of the routine tasks like Patch Management, Application Deployment, Upgrading the Applications and OS\\\'ses to the latest service pack, etc.

Standardize the desktop, system and application settings of your clients\\\' computer like browser proxy/ home page settings, desktop wall paper settings, outlook settings, power settings, and so on.

Secure your clients\\\' computers by applying security policies, restricting the USB device usage, installing up-to-date patches and service packs, managing local users and groups, etc.

Troubleshoot your clients\\\' desktops by taking control of their computer remotely and making the necessary changes. You can switch between monitors and transfer files, and even disable user\\\'s keyboard and mouse while you have the control.

Audit the software / hardware assets of all your clients, manage their software licenses and ensure that they are compliant, track the software usages and detect/uninstall any unauthorized software installations.

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