About us

CBA, Computer Business Applications was founded in January 1999.

Now being CBABenelux due our customers in de Beneliux.

Through the years, we have become specialized in supplying products and services for application areas such as helpdesk, network management, desktop & asset management and management reports.
CBA works in a collaborative way with partners and customers alike to produce the best results for all concerned.
We select products which are complementary to each other and bring these together as a representative, agent, distributor or reseller, depending on the contract. By using webinars, sales promotions via the Internet, press, competence meetings etc. We are able to offer training and support. If agreed by contract we act a supplier and work efficient for the best results of both.
We offer applications to monitor IT infrastructure, applications, log files, along with a focus on industrial automation with RFID, PLC's, IOT and IP cam's with our partners. Training and  consultancy is a key service, like GDPR / AVG advise and tooling, Analitics Reporting training and temporary project management for helpdesk setup, infrastructure and/or Applications monitoring projects.
For instance with ManageEngine we are able to offer tools for Network and Application performance management, Data Center and Server management, Help Desk, Desktop and Facilities management, Bandwidth management, Log analysis, Security management and many more. 
From 1980 we already starting with Novell Netwerk Management like SUDS software Update and Distribution etc. From BigBang the Universal Imaging Utility and from WinINSTALL f.i. their profesional MSI Packager and WinINSTALL Desktop Lifecycle Management, from Jeff-Net Crystal Report tooling like their batch report scheduler. 

Are you  looking for a solution? This website gives an impression of what we offer.
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