Security Awareness webinar

Did you know 91% of successful hacks start with a spear phishing attack?

Humans are without a doubt the weakest link in information security, and precisely why attackers focus on influencing (and then exploiting) our behavior. The lack of awareness among management and employees of an organization ensures the repeated success of most cyber attacks. Awareness is the first and best defense against cybercriminal

Webinar Security Awareness 1 oktober 2020, at 10:00.

On October 1st we're organizing a Security Awareness Webinar. In our webinar, you'll learn how to train your employees and organization against scammers and other threats. Don't miss it, sign up now!

Of course, you can forward this link to any business relations to bring Security awareness to the attention, and so they can participate.

Train your team and create a human firewall!

Most Cyber incidents are caused by human error. Organizations lose a lot of money with employee-related incidents, while traditional training programs fail to bring about the desired behavioral changes.

CBABenelux's programs not only generate knowledge but more importantly, they change habits and create new patterns of behaviour. And that is exactly the purpose of Awareness training.

CBABenelux helps organizations deal with the human factor of security by raising awareness of  phishing  and other "social engineering" tactics. Cyber criminals are increasingly using  social engineering, an attack technique that exploits human characteristics to obtain confidential data or trick someone into performing a particular act.

Phishing is a form of internet fraud in which internet criminals try to steal personal information or passwords. You, or someone else in your organization, clicked on the wrong link, opened the wrong attachment, or may have misread an email.

Spear phishing is a scam via email or other electronic communications that is specifically targeted at an individual, organization or company. Although spear phishing often aims to steal data for malicious purposes, it may also be that cyber criminals want to install malware, such as ransomware..

CBABenelux recommends that organizations regularly test through phishing emails combined with interactive e-larning modules. This is useful for anyone who works online with confidential data and/or external contacts.

CBABenelux works with KnowBe4, the world's largest provider of online Security Awareness Training. Together with KnowBe4 we organize a webinar, in which we discuss the usefulness and possibilities of Security Awareness Training.
In our webinar, you'll learn how to train your employees and organization against scammers and other threats. Don't miss it, sign up now!       

When: 1 october 2020
Where: online 10:00
Event type: webinars


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