DDI Central

DDI Central

DDI serves as the starting point for comprehensive network management that integrates and automates the three core services of a network: Domain Name System (DNS), Dynamic Host Configuration protocol (DHCP), and IP address management (IPAM) through a single unified interface. It ensures that the network manager has thorough visibility, precise control, and seamless coordination of these services.

Waarom DDI Central?

+ DNSSEC with TSIG support
+ Built-in auditing and failover support
+ Role based access controls
+ DDI as a DNS-DHCP-IPAM service provider
+ Integratie met de belangrijkste ManageEngine producten
+ DNS Firewall Response Policy Zones (DFW) (RPZ)
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Key features of the DDI Central service by ManageEngine

DNSSEC with TSIG support
Enhance DNS security with Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC) to ensure data integrity and authenticity, complemented by Transaction Signature (TSIG) for secure communications. Deploy TSIG for authenticated and secure interactions between DNS entities.

Named ACLs
Ensure precise control over DNS access with access control lists to enable network admins to define and enforce specific permissions for improved security.
Role based access controls
Elevate security with precise permissions tailored for individual roles to ensure efficient and secure access management for your DNS and DHCP clusters.
Core to periphery DDI
Deploy DDI flexibly to manage both internal and external DNS-DHCP clusters that support Internet Systems Consortium (ISC)'s ISC DHCP and BIND9 DNS.

DDI as an overlay
Enable DDI to seamlessly scan and integrate your on-premises infrastructure's complete DNS-DHCP server configurations, including the entire IP address footprint, into the intuitive DDI console interface.
DNS Firewall Response Policy Zones (DFW) (RPZ)
Fortify your DNS infrastructure against cyberthreats with DNS Firewall Response Policy Zones to enable proactive blocking of specific malicious domains. Boost security by prohibiting access to recognized collections of undesirable domains and customize redirection using personalized IP settings.

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