OS Deployer

What is OS Deployer?

OS Deployer is a comprehensive OS deployment solution that enables organizations to capture an image of OS and applications that can be deployed to laptops and desktops rapidly and easily.

How can OS Deployer help you?

OS Deployer, with its central image capturing and deployment capabilities, helps you to standardize the entire organization on a single/few OS, thereby reducing the support, training and management costs in maintaining them. OS Deployer creates an exact disk image of the given system including standard configuration, the operating system, configuration files and all applications that can be deployed to multiple systems simultaneously, making it ideal for rapid bare-metal provisioning.

What features does it offer?

  • Centralized disk image capturing
  • Deployment Templates for various roles/departments that enables easy deployment
  • Flexible OS deployment options, like Manual Deployment, Scheduled Deployment, Event-Driven Deployment, and so on.
  • Post-Deployment Customization of the OS and Applications, like computer name, domain participation, etc.
  • Automatically provision dissimilar hardware using a single image

Licentie model, OSdeployer, Only availablke as a one time, perpetual license (SIF Single Installation Fee) and annual Maintenance en Support, 1ste jaar mandatory.

2 soorten licenties, Licensing Policy

  • Machine Licenses, cq Copies, 1 image restored many times to the same machine. Tied to the MAC address of a computer and you can do any number of deployments to those computers.
    SO, 100 copies means, you have images of 100 specific (mac address) workstations of servers and may restore the image so often as needed to that specific machine (mac address)
  • Deployment Licenses are not tied to any computer or MAC Address. A Deployment License enables you a single successful deployment to a workstation/server. This means, 100 deployments to whatever machine you want, but in total 100 times, So 5x 20 workstations or servers.  

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What platforms/vendors/technologies does it support?

Platform: Windows from XP, W2002 up to recent.


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