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ServiceDesk Plus 11.0 comes with rapid-start enterprise service desk capabilities that allow businesses to manage service delivery across various business functions from a single platform. Learn more about ServiceDesk Plus’ ESM capabilities.

What Is ServiceDesk Plus?

ServiceDesk Plus integrates your help desk requests and assets to help you manage your IT effectively. It helps you implement ITIL best practices and troubleshoot IT service requests faster. ServiceDesk Plus is a highly customizable, easy-to-implement help desk software. More than 10,000 IT managers worldwide use ServiceDesk Plus to manage their IT help desk and assets. ServiceDesk Plus is available in 23 different languages.

Why ServiceDesk Plus?

Incident management:

Restore normal service of operation quickly with the comprehensive incident management in ServiceDesk Plus. Report incidents easily, configure SLA, setup automation & workflows for each category of Incidents and minimize business impact. F.i easy change from incident to problem.

Problem Management:

With ServiceDesk Plus problem management, eliminate the root cause effectively and put an end to firefighting of repetitive incidents. It includes managing multiple incidents and workflow automations.

Change Management:

Through ServiceDesk Plus Change Management module, provide structured and prompt handling of all changes in your IT infrastructure. It is bundled with categorizing changes, setting up CAB and workflow automation.

Service Catalog:

Give a face to your IT by showcasing your offered services, configure workflow & automation for each service category and deliver them upon agreed time.


Track and manage all your CIs in a single repository.It is designed to get more visibility on your assets by knowing the interrelationships and dependency of each CIs.

PO & Contract Management:

ServiceDesk Plus PO & contract module facilitates the complete life cycle of a PO, from creation to approvals, deliver and contract of every single purchase and helps to organize your IT spending.

Projects Management

This integration avoids hassling around serveral software.This ICT project management module is together with SeriveDesks change management, CMDB en Milestones, team collaberation etc,  a valuable extension in your ICT Supportcenter  

Selfservice portal

Endusers may create and monitor their own request's. Depending on how ServiceDeskPlus is implemented by the administrator. The Knowledge database with autorised enduser information will reduce the time and therefor costs significant.


Know whats happening in your helpdesk with the intuitive and robust reporting modules & interactive dashboards in ServiceDesk Plus.


ServiceDesk Plus integrates with many platforms right from monitoring tools, User management tools to API based integrations to save time and resources.

Invoke custom HTML file from Request Custom menus

Customers can invoke a custom HTML file from Request Custom menus enabling the users to render their own UI from the request menu configurations. This provides an alternate way to integrate third party applications using the user interface. Custom scripts can be executed upon submission of HTML forms.

Field and form rules for incident and service request customization

With field and form rules, you can customize incident and service templates to perform customized actions when a form loads, (or) when changing a particular field in a form, (or) when a form is submitted. It is possible to perform actions like, mandate or non-mandate specific fields, enable or disable specific fields, show or hide specific fields in a form and to execute user-specified custom java scripts.

Fail over service (High availability)

Ensure high server availability. With the fail over service feature in ServiceDesk Plus 9.1, you have the option to configure the secondary service desk installation to provide uninterrupted service when there is a network, hardware, software, or power failure in the primary installation. The fail over server acts as the secondary server which runs in parallel to the primary server. This secondary server or slave will act as the primary server or the master when the primary server or master is down.

Mandate the status change comments for request module

ServiceDesk Plus 9.1 now comes with a feature to mandate the status change comments for Request module. Technician and requester comments on the change of status of a request can be easily captured. By default, status comments are not mandatory but can be disabled/enabled under Admin->Self-service Portal settings.

Export projects as pdf

Export as PDF option for project module activities

Export Project Gantt View, Project Overview Map, and Task Dependency Map in the PDF format. The PDF will downloaded automatically.

Configuration options to auto suggest solutions

Configure unique fields to the search drop down for auto suggestion of announcements and solutions during incident creation. By default, category/subcategory/item (CSI), title, and description will be included in the search.

Help desk mobile app,Requesters can raise or track requests on the go

Requesters can now login into the mobile app to raise or track requests. Earlier, native versions of ServiceDesk Plus mobile app were technician-specific. The feature is available from Version 3.0 in iOS and from Version 1.4 in Android.

Enhancements in the 'Advanced Analytics' module. It will now include a new option to setup On-Premise integration using ManageEngine Reports. ManageEngine Reports is a business intelligence and reporting software from ManageEngine.

Other introduced features
•Rest API support to GET/ADD/DELETE the attachments under Request and Tasks
•Search option in Request list view filters
•Rest API support for requesters


Option to import Microsoft projects

Changes in the 'Advanced Analytics' module. It now has the function to get "on-premise" integration for ManageEngine Reports. ManageEngine Reports is a intelligent piece of software by ManageEngine.

The Self Service Portal has had an face-lift with more options to make it more your own.




Compare editions

Feature ServiceDesk Plus Enterprise ServiceDesk Plus Professional ServiceDesk Plus Standard
Multilingual ,optional
Custom Dashboards
Automatic email to ticket conversion
Active Directory Integration
LDAP Integration
Import from CSV files
User Survey
Multi Site Support
Remote Desktop Sharing
IT HelpDesk Reports
Canned Reports
Customizable Reports
Query Builder
Scheduled Reports
Export as CSV, XLS & PDF
Automatic Dispatch
SLA Management
Priority Matrix
Load Balancing
Auto Device Discovery
Agent-based scanning
User Survey
Complete History of handlings
Multi Site Support
Remote Desktop Sharing
Distributed asset scan
Notifications on all levels
Holidays / Operational Hours
Knowledge Base
Self Service Portal
API Integration
Asset Management
IT Project Management (Available as add on) Add on Add on
Purchase Management
CMDB (Add on , from prof. edition) Add on
Service Catalog Add on Add on
Incident Management
Custom Request Form Templates
Problem Management (Available as add on) Add on
Change Management (Available as add on) Add on Add on
Flash Reports
Database Support Postgress SQL and MS SQL
Fail Over Add on Add on Add on


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