OpManager is the solution for network monitoring with performance management functionalities and advanced error notifications. Suitable for critical IT components such as routers, WAN connections, switches, firewalls, VoIP phone lines, physical servers, virtual servers, domain controllers, and other IT equipment.

This network monitoring software features a user-friendly interface, making it easy to deploy OpManager in production. It also ensures that the organization's monitoring policies can be quickly applied to all IT equipment connected to the network.

For the ideal setup, combine OpManager with  Application Manager and numerous other add-ons such as  AlarmsOne. Together, these allow you to monitor the entire OSI Model.

With OpManager, you can monitor and control the connectivity of a variety of devices and applications. Curious about specific examples?  Explore more here.

Why OpManager?

+ Real-time network monitoring
+ Physical and virtual server monitoring
+ Affordable and easy to configure
+ Customizable dashboard for ultimate overview 
+ Seamless integration with Application Manager and other IT tools

Network monitoring with OpManager

Real-time server monitoring

Physical and virtual devices

Multiple levels of thresholds

Customizable dashboards

Monitoring of WLAN links

Affordable and easy to configure

OPManager: straightforward network performance monitoring

In most IT departments, we observe the use of multiple tools and solutions for monitoring and managing networks and network processes. This complexity often makes it cumbersome to troubleshoot errors, requiring you to consult multiple tools, graphs, and logs to identify the source of the problem. With OPManager from     ManageEngine this is a thing of the past. This fully integrated software solution for network management and performance provides you with an overview and detailed insights into problem areas. As a result, it becomes easy to zoom in on issues and quickly address problems.

More about OPManager

Controle Netwerkprestaties
Monitor server performance and availability, analyze network traffic, and manage configurations of routers, switches, firewalls, WAN accelerators, and wireless access points.

Detailed information about your Cisco networks; aligning Cisco's NetFlow, NBAR, CBQoS for traffic analysis, Cisco IP SLA for monitoring WAN and VoIP, CDP for mapping L2/L3 of the network, in addition to regular SNMP-based performance monitoring, Syslog, and processing SNMP Traps.

Server Performance Monitoring
Supports monitoring of Windows, Linux, Solaris, HP-UX, IBM AIX servers (leveraging SNMP, WMI, and CLI for monitoring).

Server virtualization; Supports VMware and Hyper-V.
Monitors over 100 different types of performance indicators by aligning with VMware's API and WMI.
Monitoring essential Microsoft services or programs, such as Exchange monitoring, Active Directory monitoring, MS SQL monitoring, and more.

CPU, memory, and disk usage, services, Windows services, processes, custom scripts, URLs (HTTP/HTTPS), files/folders at no additional cost.

Other equipment connected to the infrastructure such as Load Balancers, temperature sensors, IP cameras, printers, etc. Supports custom SNMP and WMI monitors.

Application of OpManager

OpManager is perfect for monitoring all network connections, devices, and more. This tool is most commonly used for monitoring the entire network and everything within it, such as routers, switches, firewalls, Wi-Fi hotspots, and servers. You name it, you can monitor it with OpManager.

Examples of alternative applications include:
  • Bridges, locks, and tunnels
  • IP Cameras
  • Smart building functionalities
  • Charging stations or other sensors
If it has a network connection, you can monitor it!

OpManager User Experience

"For years, Hoogheemraadschap Rijnland has been using several IT tools from ManageEngine. ManageEngine's IT products provide us with a comprehensive insight into our entire ICT infrastructure and its performance.

Among others, for IT security, as well as IT operations tooling for our offices and in the field. Together, we manage more than 3000 devices.

We have been satisfied with OpManager for years. Both the functionalities and services are continuously being improved.

Ashween (Coordinator ICT User Support - Hoogheemraadschap van Rijnland)

Interested in OPManager?

Our experts are happy to assist you further!

Compare editions

Feature OpManager Professional OpManager Enterprise OpManager Standard
Max Devices Count 1000 10000 1000
Multi-Site/ Distributed Network Monitoring
Network Discovery
CSV Discovery
Single Node Discovery
Schedule Discovery
Layer 2 Discovery
Discovery Rule Engine
Discovery of Virtual Environment
Availability Monitoring
Interface Monitoring
SNMP Monitoring
WMI Monitoring
CLI Monitoring
VMware Monitoring
Hyper-V Monitoring
Xen Monitoring
UCS Monitoring
Process Monitoring
Windows Services Monitoring
TCP Port Based Service Monitoring
Script Monitoring
EventLog Monitoring
SysLog Monitoring
URL Monitoring
File/Folder Monitoring
Active Directory Monitoring
Exchange Server Monitoring
MS SQL Monitoring
Hardware Monitoring
VLAN Monitoring
Local Authentication
AD Based Authentication
Radius Authentication
Pass Through Authentication
Custom Dashboards
User Specific Dashboard
NOC View
Embed Widget
Real Time Widgets
Business Views
Virtual Environment Maps
Integration with Google Maps
Zoho Maps Integration
3D Datacenter View
Alarm Monitoring
Alarm Escalation
SNMP Trap Monitoring
IT Workflow Automation
Third Party Integration
Notification Profile (Email/SMS alerts, etc.)
Scheduled Reports
Raw Data Maintenance 60 days 180 Days 7 Days
Troubleshooting Tools [RDP/SSH, etc.]
Android/ iOS Mobile App
Multi-Language Support
Failover Included
IP SLA Monitor
Network Traffic and Bandwidth Analysis Available [Free for 2 Interfaces] Available [Free for 2 Interfaces] Available
Network Configuration Management [NCM] (Add on) Available [Free for 2 Devices] Available [Free for 2 Devices] Available
IP Address Management [IPAM] (Add on) Available [Free for 50 Used IPs] Available [Free for 50 Used IPs] Available
Switch Port Management [SPM] (Add on) Available [Free for 50 Switch Ports] Available [Free for 50 Switch Ports] Available
Firewall Monitoring (Add on)
Storage Monitoring (Add on)
Applications Manager [APM] (plugin) Available [Default - 5 Monitors] Available [Default - 5 Monitors] Available [Default - 5 Monitors]


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