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Desktop & Mobile Device Management Software


Desktop Central is a solution that helps in managing servers, laptops, desktops, smartphones, and tablets from a central location. 

Automate regular endpoint management routines like installing patches, deploying software, imaging and deploying OS, managing assets, software licenses, monitoring software usage statistics, managing USB device usage, taking control of remote desktops, and more. Desktop Central supports managing Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. Manage your mobile devices to deploy profiles and policies, configure devices for Wifi, VPN, Email accounts, etc., apply restrictions on using camera, browser, etc., and to secure your devices like enabling passcode, remote lock/wipe, etc. Manage all your iOS, Android and Windows smartphones and tablets.

Automate Your Desktop Management Routine.

Desktop Central automates regular desktop management activities like installing software, patches, and service packs to client computers, standardize the desktops by applying uniform configurations such as wallpapers, shortcuts, printer, etc., secures the client computers by restricting USB, applying security policies, etc., and enables auditing the network systems with complete hardware/software inventories, license compliance details, detecting prohibited software usage in network systems, etc. In simple terms, it helps administrators to automate, standardize, secure, and audit their windows network.

The Features Of Desktop Central.

Desktop Central is a complete Windows server and desktop management software that provides Software Deployment, Patch Management, Asset Management, Remote Desktop Sharing, Service Pack Deployment, Configurations, Active Directory Reports, User Logon Reports and Windows System Tools.

What Platforms, Vendors And Technologies Does It Support?




Desktops ( Windows 8,8.1,10)

Servers (Windows 2008, Windows 2008 R2 of hoger), and Terminal Clients


Windows Active Directory and Workgroup based Network setup.


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Compare editions

Feature Endpoint Central Professional Endpoint Central Enterprise(Distributed) Endpoint Central UEM
Automated Patch Management
Service Pack Deployment
Third-Party Patch Management
Server Application Patch Management
Antivirus Definition Updates
Test and Approve Patches
Install / Uninstall Software
Self Service Portal
1300+ Pre-defined Templates
Modern Management for Windows 10 Devices
OS Deployment and Imaging Add on Add on
HIPAA and PCI compliant Remote Control
Remote Control screen recording
Transfer Files in Remote Session
Voice and video call
Hardware and Software Tracking
Prohibited Software
Block Executable
Software Metering
License Management
USB Device Management
Power Management
Custom Scripts
Certificate Distribution
Printer Management
100+ Predefined templates
Managing Desktops Across WAN Limited
Manage Desktops of Roaming Users
Multi-Technician Support
Role Based Administration
Two Factor Authentication
Active Directory Authentication
Containerization Add on Add on
Distribution Server for Bandwidth Optimization
Mobile Device Enrollment Add on Add on
Profile Management Add on Add on
Mobile Application Management Add on Add on
Mobile Security Management Add on Add on
E-mail Management Add on Add on
Content Management Add on Add on


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