Endpoint Central

Endpoint Central

Powerful software for managing desktops and mobile devices.

Endpoint Central is the ultimate solution for unified endpoint management (UEM): managing your various endpoints - such as servers, laptops, desktops, smartphones, and tablets - from one central location. With this software, developed by  ManageEngine, you can easily manage all desktops and mobile devices in your network.

Endpoint Central: Managing desktops and mobile devices such as phones and tablets has never been easier!

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Why Endpoint Central?

+ Unified Endpoint Management (UEM)
+ Highly efficient in both cost and time
+ Automate time-consuming tasks (patches, updates, installations, and more)
+ 10 years of experience and expertise
+ NL & EN Support

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What is Endpoint Central?

Endpoint Central is a powerful UEM tool that works quickly and easily.

With this comprehensive desktop management software, you can easily manage not only Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems but also all mobile devices with iOS, Android, or Windows.

For example, you can utilize profiles and policies, configure devices for Wi-Fi, VPN, and email accounts, set restrictions for camera and browser usage, and secure your equipment by setting passwords, remote locking/wiping, and more.

Automate your desktop management routine.

Endpoint Central automates all regular endpoint management routines, allowing administrators to focus on other important tasks.

Here you can think of:
  • Installing software, patches, and service packs for client computers
  • Standardizing desktops by applying uniform configurations
  • Managing USB usage
  • Managing assets
  • Monitoring software licenses and software usage statistics
  • Controlling network systems with complete hardware/software inventories
  • Detecting unauthorized software usage
  • Imaging and deploying operating systems
  • Remote desktop takeover
In short, Endpoint Central helps administrators automate, standardize, secure, and monitor.

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Security add-ons voor Endpoint Central

Endpoint Central by ManageEngine can easily be expanded with various add-ons. Together, we ensure even better security for your systems.

*The following Add-ons are also available as standalone products, except for the BitLocker management add-on."

Vulnerability Management

Regularly scanning your systems for known weaknesses, threats, and misconfigurations is essential to secure endpoints against cyber attacks.

Vulnerability management offers you incredibly useful functionalities to ensure that the endpoints are secure. This add-on for Endpoint Central includes the following features:
  • Vulnerability Assesment  : Easily identify and assess various security risks within your network.
  • Security Configuration Management : Track configuration changes and deploy secure configurations from your central console to eliminate security vulnerabilities.
  • Zero-day-vulnerability mitigation  : Identify and address zero-day vulnerabilities with pre-built and tested scripts.
  • Web server hardening  : Detect and remedy expired SSL, improper web root directory access, and other web server errors.
  • High-risk software audit  : Analyze and remove software that is insecure, unauthorized, and/or unsupported by the vendor.
  • Anti-virus audit  : Obtain information about systems where antivirus programs are absent, inactive, and/or not updated.
  • Port audit  : Monitor the ports in use and the processes running within them. Identify unintended ports that may be activated by malware or unknown applications.
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Browser Security

Browsers are the most neglected endpoints and therefore the most common entry points for malware. It is crucial to secure them properly. Monitor and enforce security measures on the browsers used in your organization with the following features:
  • Add-on control & Management  : Maintain control over the installation and usage of browser extensions and plugins.
  • Webfilter  : Monitor and enforce internet access by granting or denying access to specific sites.
  • Download filter  : Restrict downloading files from unauthorized websites and ensure secure browsing.
  • Browser routing  : Automatically redirect legacy web applications to legacy browsers when opened in modern browsers.
  • Java rules manager  : Assign specific Java versions to web applications based on requirements.
  • Browser customazation  : Manage bookmarks, set default browsers, configure policies to enhance browser security. Easily customize them to ensure they meet your requirements.
  • Browser lockdown  : Enforce kiosk mode with IT-approved websites and business web applications.
  • Browser compliance  : Assess the compliance status of computers with security configurations and achieve 100% compliance.
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Application Control

Unauthorized applications can pose a risk to the security and productivity of your organization. With a comprehensive set of the following features, ensure that they are on the blacklist, whitelist, or gray list:
  • Application whitelisting : Easily create whitelists and ensure that applications that meet certain rules are always accessible.
  • Application blacklisting  : Encourage productivity and mitigate risks of cyber attacks by blocking non-business applications and malicious files.
  • Flexibility regulator  : Regulate the level of flexibility in enforcing policies for applications.
  • Endpoint privilege management  : Prevent privilege elevation attacks by assigning application access to specific users or user groups.
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Device Control

Say goodbye to wandering USBs in your office. Regulate and restrict peripheral devices in your organization and closely monitor file transfers in and out of your network thanks to the following features:
  • Device & port control  : Check all ports and connected removable devices, block unauthorized access to your data, and effectively monitor all device and file actions.
  • File access control  : Prevent data loss with strict role-based access control policies - set read-only permissions, block data copying from devices, and much more.
  • File transfer control  : Limit unknown and unwanted data transfers or file transfers by setting the maximum file size and file type that can be transferred from computers.
  • Trusted device list  : Create exclusive access for devices by adding them to the list of trusted devices.
  • Temporary access  : Temporarily provide secure access for devices to specific systems.
  • File shadowing  : Secure files against modifications by creating copies and storing them in a password-protected environment.
  • File tracing  : Monitor file actions in real-time and capture notable details (such as file names and locations, along with the involved computers, devices, and users).
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BitLocker management

To effectively secure digital data, it must be encrypted, allowing access only to authorized users. Enable data storage only on devices with BitLocker encryption to protect sensitive company data from theft.

BitLocker is a built-in encryption program available on certain Windows operating systems. For individual users, it can be enabled manually. For organizations with a large number of employees and devices, BitLocker management software is crucial for system security.

With the BitLocker management add-on of Endpoint Central, IT administrators can easily configure BitLocker encryption settings and effectively monitor the disk encryption status of all managed systems in the network.

Endpoint Central also offers:

Patch Management

Secure your network easily with automated patch deployments for Windows, Mac, Linux, and third-party applications.

Software Deployment

Deploy software directly to all endpoints in the network in just a few clicks using 4,500+ pre-set application templates.

Mobile Device Management

Configure, manage, and secure all mobile devices in your network from one central environment via mobile device management.

Endpoint Security

Strengthen endpoint security by regularly scanning for and addressing vulnerabilities, monitoring browsers, and checking devices in your enterprise network.

OS Imaging & Deployment

Automated image and deployment of OS on Windows computers, along with the installation of necessary drivers and applications via OS deployment.

IT Asset Management

Manage software and hardware assets in your network and retrieve license and warranty details with exceptional ease.

Remote Control

Troubleshoot remote desktops with multi-user collaboration, file transfer, video recording, and much more.

Modern Management

With this simple endpoint management tool, you can manage both mobile phones and Windows 10 devices with one system.


More than 25 pre-set configurations for power management, USB device management security policy, and more.

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Feature Endpoint Central Professional Endpoint Central Enterprise(Distributed) Endpoint Central UEM
Automated Patch Management
Service Pack Deployment
Third-Party Patch Management
Server Application Patch Management
Antivirus Definition Updates
Test and Approve Patches
Install / Uninstall Software
Self Service Portal
1300+ Pre-defined Templates
Modern Management for Windows 10 Devices
OS Deployment and Imaging Add on Add on
HIPAA and PCI compliant Remote Control
Remote Control screen recording
Transfer Files in Remote Session
Voice and video call
Hardware and Software Tracking
Prohibited Software
Block Executable
Software Metering
License Management
USB Device Management
Power Management
Custom Scripts
Certificate Distribution
Printer Management
100+ Predefined templates
Managing Desktops Across WAN Limited
Manage Desktops of Roaming Users
Multi-Technician Support
Role Based Administration
Two Factor Authentication
Active Directory Authentication
Containerization Add on Add on
Distribution Server for Bandwidth Optimization
Mobile Device Enrollment Add on Add on
Profile Management Add on Add on
Mobile Application Management Add on Add on
Mobile Security Management Add on Add on
E-mail Management Add on Add on
Content Management Add on Add on


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