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Prevent? Detect? Respond? Heal? YES!

Get faster and better protection against ransomware, email phishing, and cloud threats to your critical IT infrastructure. Join more than 7,500 organisations worldwide that rely on Darktrace. The digital immune system to prevent cyber attacks, without affecting regular business operations.

Darktrace: The enterprise immune system

Cybercriminals are getting smarter and internal threats are increasing. Protect your valuable business information and systems with the smartest self-learning enterprise immune system: Darktrace.

The Enterprise Immune System learns normal patterns in the use of your systems to detect unpredictable cyber threats. This is while gaining full visibility and overview of the entire dynamic work environment - from cloud and collaborative tools to endpoints and the entire corporate network.

Autonomous response technology thanks to Antigena

The Darktrace Antigena module (autonomous response technology) takes action at lightning speed to protect your systems. After all, to prevent is better than to cure.

Why Darktrace AI?

+ Detects the unpredictable
+ Learns and evolves on the job
+ Provides comprehensive protection against cyber attacks
+ Saves an enormous amount of time and thus costs
+ Trusted by  7.500+ organizations

The best way to protect your organisation is a loop.

The Darktrace Cyber AI Loop is built on continuous feedback and a deep, interconnected understanding of the enterprise and how it functions. This enables Darktrace to prevent, detect, respond and heal.

AI Cyber security that adapts to the unknown

Internal threats and account takeovers

Darktrace AI analyses and understands normal user behaviour which helps to protect against identity-based attacks.

Attacks on Cloud, SaaS en IoT

The AI security system detects malicious activity in AWS, Azure, Mircosoft 365 and more.

Novel malware and ransomware

Thanks to its self-learning approach, Darktrace AI identifies subtle variations that deviate from the standard.

AI Cyber security that adapts to the unknown

The Enterprise Immune System learns and analyses employee behaviour wherever it occurs, from the cloud and in coffee shops to branch offices and the organisation's headquarters.

Cloud-only and hybrid deployments provide robust AI protection that understands the normal use of the non-malicious human behind cloud accounts, workloads and containers. Based on this, it is easy to detect deviant activities of cybercriminals.

Open architecture and integrations

Darktrace is designed with an open and extensible architecture that seamlessly integrates with established workflows and existing applications, systems and configurations. One-click integration and custom templates provide end users with simple mechanisms to quickly capture telemetry and share Darktrace information with the rest of the stack.

Protecting and integrating systems has never been easier!

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