Applications Manager

Applications Manager

Monitoring IT infrastructure and performance

Applications Manager is a solution that monitors the availability and performance of applications and associated components. This results in high uptime and improved performance of your application landscape for your business's enterprise applications. The performance management capabilities of the application include monitoring (virtual) servers, application servers, databases, web services, and cloud environments. More than 200 applications are supported out-of-the-box, each with its own specific base template provided. Additionally, various custom script monitoring capabilities are available.

In addition, there are a plethora of other options available to IT administrators for better management of their business services. These include: OpManager infrastructuur monitoring, Eventlog Analyzer for log management, event correlations, and security, Netflow Analyzer for bandwidth analysis, Network Configuration Manager for your devices, and Enterprise privileged password management solutions.

Application performance monitoring has never been simpler!

Why Applications Manager?

+ Ensure optimal performance of the IT infrastructure and applications
+ Faster resolution of application issues
+ Use during development to prevent issues later
+ Monitor and ensure application productivity and server performance
+ Gartner Magic Quadrant - Application performance Monitoring!

How can Applications Manager help you?

Applications Manager provides you with a holistic view of your IT. It monitors the performance of various components of an application in great detail through so-called technological APM insight add-ins. For example, Oracle, .NET, etc. APM helps quickly resolve production issues. This reduces blame-shifting practices and improves the quality of service to end users.

*For more than 250 monitors, we recommend the Enterprise edition.

Architecture / architectuur Enterprise editie

The Enterprise Edition of ManageEngine Application Manager is an affordable and scalable solution for medium to large organizations. It's the perfect tool to monitor your applications and all underlying infrastructure elements. The Enterprise edition supports distributed monitoring architecture and can monitor up to 50,000 applications.

Of course, the Application Manager Enterprise edition includes all the features of the professional edition. In addition, the Enterprise edition offers:
  • The ability to further scale up the number of monitors
  • A consolidated view of segregated networks
  • Compare performance from different geographical locations
  • Failover support

A comprehensive overview of all key data and reports collected from various managed servers in a clear layout.

Cloud, container, and infrastructure monitoring

Applications Manager provides a comprehensive overview of the entire IT infrastructure, including cloud environments.
  • Monitor your entire stack, including private, public, hybrid cloud, and critical cloud-hosted applications. It also offers out-of-the-box application monitoring support for public cloud platforms such as Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, and OpenStack.
  • End-to-end monitoring of virtualized environments in your own private data center. Gain instant insights into the performance of technologies such as VMware, Citrix, and Microsoft.
  • Unlimited visibility into containers such as Docker, Kubernetes, and Openshift. Ensure optimal performance by monitoring critical indicators.
  • Gain insight into resource usage and virtual environments, and effectively manage capacity.

Latest features: Real User Monitoring (RUM)

Real user monitoring (RUM) is a passive performance monitoring technique that collects and analyzes user interactions in browsers and mobile applications to evaluate and improve user experience. What can you do with RUM?
  • Proactively analyze how the front-end performance of websites varies across different regions, ISPs, browsers, and devices to ensure a seamless digital experience.
  • Gain insight into the level of user satisfaction using Apdex scores.
  • Isolate web transactions contributing to poor user experiences of the applications.
  • Identify JavaScript errors immediately to prevent users from reporting service errors.
  • Analyze and compare the impact of all new changes made to the site and how they have influenced user experience.
Want to learn more about RUM? Contact our specialist for further information.

Interested in Applications Manager?

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Compare editions

Feature Applications Manager Professional Applications Manager Enterprise
Aantal monitors die bewaakt / beheert worden 250 Unlimited
Servers Monitoring
Application Servers Monitoring
Databases Monitoring
Websites Monitoring / Web Services Monitoring
SLA Management
User Administration
Network Discovery
Custom Dashboards
Virtualization Monitoring (VMware, HyperV)
Cloud Monitoring Add on Add on
SAN Monitoring en Network Monitoring Add on Add on
WebSphere MQ Series Monitoring Add on Add on
Office Sharepoint Monitoring Add on Add on
AS400 Monitoring Add on Add on
ERP Monitoring (Oracle EBS, SAP, SAP CCMS) Add on Add on
J2EE Web Transactions Monitoring Add on Add on
End User Monitoring (EUM) Add on Add on
Detectie onregelmatigheden
Beheer oplossingen: Downtime Scheduler, Trap Listener, Shutdown Applications Manager
Scheduling, Enabling, Disabling Reports
Updates en Patches
Technische Support
Distributed Monitoring & High Scalability
Failover Support
Middleware Monitoring (f.i Java)
MS Dynamics


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