Password Manager Pro

Password Manager Pro

#1 Privileged Password Manager for enterprises

Password Manager Pro is the best Privileged password manager for enterprises and enables organizations to provide (temporary) access to monitor and manage critical information systems. Naturally, it can be easily integrated with Active Directory, LDAP, HR, helpdesks using APIs.

Administrative / Privileged passwords are literally in abundance in companies, especially in large organizations. This is necessary for the use of applications, servers, databases, switches, routers, firewalls and other hardware or software. This provides a large number of administrative passwords and access options. These passwords are still often stored insecurely in spreadsheets, HTML, XML, text files and sometimes even printed. Moreover, these passwords are often shared. That is a serious security risk.

Why Password Manager Pro?

+ A very secure safe (AES 256 bit) for all ICT passwords and access to be used
+ Verbeter IT productiviteit door geautomatiseerde wachtwoord aanpassingen
+ Improve IT productivity through automated password changes
+ Comply with security audits and regulations such as SOX, HIPAA, PCI and GDPR
+ NL & EN Support. License based on the number of Admins. Unlimited users/resources
More than 1 million IT managers and users trust Password Manager Pro

Enterprise Password Management with Password Manager Pro

Discover, save and organize

The perfect place to store privileged accounts

Share safely

Securely share documents and passwords within teams

Automatic reset

Easily reset passwords on servers, databases, network devices, etc

Access control

Control access to IT resources and applications based on roles and responsibilities

Direct Launch Connection

Build a direct connection from PMP to remote IT resources, websites and applications

Video record and audit

Record and audit access for a complete overview of all actions in your systems

Meer about Password Manager Pro

Password Manager Pro is perfect for enterprises. System administrators, CISOs, IT managers conceive this as a must-have Enterprise Privileged Passwords Management tool for the entire IT infrastructure.
Your organization must meet certain requirements regarding the security, compliance and access to critical systems, which is easy with Password Manager Pro.

The use Password Manager Pro is layered over three layers. The top layer enables the person ultimately responsible to check and set everything from above. Firewall, switches / routers, servers, services, databases, etc. The most important regulations, requirements and settings are configured here. These apply to the entire organization at every level and every location. This determines, among other things, what the requirements for passwords are and how often they should be changed.

The next layer is at the local level. IT managers and system administrators can set and adjust the most important configurations for their specific environment/location. They enable the systems to communicate and control with each other. This allows the end user to (temporarily) access everything he needs to access almost unnoticed and unhindered.

For professionals, Password Manager Pro is a must have Enterprise Privileged Passwords Management tool that gives them access to databases, documents, applications and more. In addition, it is a secure vault (AES 256 encrypted) for storing and managing their own essential IT infrastructure passwords. Thanks to the password software, they can always comply with regulations and compliance imposed from above.

Encrypted password safe

The password vault, including 256 bit encryption, policies, failovers and more, is for the entire organization (50+ employees), or for ICT service providers who serve multiple customers. Ideal for securely storing and managing sensitive information, such as passwords and digital identities and access to (web) applications, servers, switches, firewalls, Windows, Unix and Linux. Password Manager Pro from ManageEngine also includes a handy tool for audits!

Password Vault with EncryptionPositioned in the 2022 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Privileged Access Management

More about Password Manager Pro

As an IT administrator, you are responsible for the secure management of your IT infrastructure.
  • Overview of a stack of privileged passwords and access procedures
  • Prevent passwords from being placed in (local) spreadsheets and flat files
  • Ensure 256 Bit encryption in the database and safe use in communications
In short, do you find it difficult to keep track of who has access and how to the many different web applications, servers, switches, Unix, Linux Windows As400 and other resources with an ever-changing password and security policy?

Password Manager Pro is the solution for your entire organization or as a service provider!

Banks, governments and large companies have been using this Password security tool for a long time.

Interested in Password Manager Pro?

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Feature PasswordManager Pro Enterprise PasswordManager Pro Premium PasswordManager Pro Standard
User / User group Management
Password Repository
Password Policies
Password Sharing and Management
Audit / Audit Notifications
AD / LDAP integration
Auto Logon Helper
Offline Access
Password change listener
Backup and Disaster Recovery
Password Alerts and Notifications
Password Access Control Workflow
Instant Verification of Passwords for Synchronization with Remote Systems
Canned Reports
Two-Factor Authentication
Privileged Session Recording
Password Management API
High Availability
Smart Card Authentication
Privileged Accounts Discovery
Ticketing System Integration
Real Time Alerts & SIEM Integration
Jump Server Configuration
Federated Identity Management
Radius Based TFA
Out of the Box Compliance Reports
SQL Server/ Cluster as Backend Database
Privileged Session Shadowing and Termination
Custom Password Reset Listener
RESTful APIs for Integration
Custom Reports


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