Installation and Support services


The Delivery

The delivery of the license file or consultancy is the base for the invoicing process with the agreed payment terms, by standard 30 days nett.

Complains need to be done by email in 8 days


Installation, implementations and support plan's

  1. After the given optional Consultancy order we start with the delivery and Configuration Prerequisit intake and this report is send to the system administrator to prepare the installation. f.i available server, IP ports, credentials etc
    Extra costs could be charged if this requirements is not availlable when we start the job.

  2. Implementation, configuration  report and the closing documentation will be closing the installation.

  3. Here after start of the acceptation of evaluation period, max. one (1) month after the first installation day

  4. Acceptation checklist, (decharge statement)
    A report with implementation and parameters, see number 2, agreed in writing by buyer.
    Open issues will be agreed by a timeline.
    Here after follows support plans


Support Plans: 

Support with payed maintenance subscribtion from us,  is without extra costs when a call taken by us and forward with our comments to the manufacture.
Have to be done in English
The manufacture will take over the call and proceed with the call.
If requested by user, functionality of a application how to do it,  is subject to our support planss. Feature request goes directly to the manufacture. 

Every call will be rounded on 15 minutes within office hours only by a  trained application administrator by us or the manufacture
No trained Application Administrator could be mean extra costs to train him/her to the right level.

Ticket Strips or Support Plans.

The priority is done as follows.
Supportplan like Gold,  Ticket Strips, Single Call Service

Ticket Strips is per 10, 20 or more hours against a agreed reduced price per strip, and use of the SelfservicePortal and/or email. Your ticket do have a liitle lower urgenty then the Gold SLA.

Single Call Service is 

Is for those who uses products but not purchased via us, see our service prices here  and need services

Support Plans (SLA's)  are:


  • In progress within 8 workhours.
  • 1ste escalation after 12 workhours.
  • Inclusive 10 hours. of support
  • Use of a selfservice Portal, email support or whatsapp.


On request,  Platina Diamond, plan's

Please  use our contact form for an inquiry with f.i extended hours or 24*7 and/or worldwide support,  for the Platina Support plan and with different languages for Diamond Support plan




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