Darktrace Antigena


Autonomous response to cyber attacks

Powerful through self-learning AI. Darktrace Antigena takes targeted, proportional action in response to cyber attacks, without disrupting daily operations.

Stops cyber attacks by forcing "normaal"

Continuously updates the understanding of the normal functioning within the organization.

Stops ransomware within seconds

Cyber attacks are intercepted at various stages of the attack

Targeted and proportional response

Takes targeted measures to contain attacks and threats without impacting the business.

Darktrace Antigena

Because you can't predict what the next attack will be like...

The characteristics of an attack are constantly changing. Pre-programmed response tools rely on knowledge of past attacks to stop new threats - which means they are blind to new malware and new attack techniques. A risk you cannot take.

Thanks to Darktrace's insight into an organisation, Autonomous Response makes it possible to take the right measures in order to stop the development of new and advanced threats, without disrupting normal business operations.

Why Darktrace Antigena?

+ Detects the unpredictable
+ Learns and develops on the job
+ Autonomous respons to (unknown) threats
+ Saves an enormous amount of time and therefore costs
+ Trusted by 7.500+ organizations

Waarom autonomous response is so important

Cyber attacks are getting faster

Smash & Grab tactics are increasingly common.

Attacks take place outside office hours

More and more cyber attacks take place when the office is closed and response time is slower.

Disruption is not an option

Cyber attacks or threats should not be allowed to impact business operations.

IT security teams are often understaffed

Incidents are discovered or picked up too late because the IT security team has too little time to pick up everything immediately and is therefore often too late.

The autonomous response system for your entire IT infrastructure!

Interested in Darktrace Antigena?

Contact our Darktrace specialists. We wil happily help you protect your organization better against cyber attacks.

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