ADAudit Plus

ADAudit Plus

ADAudit Plus is a powerful Windows audit tool from ManageEngine. It is a very effective remedy against data leaks and also works quickly and easily. An absolute must-have for IT security and audit managers.

Many banks, governments and international organizations use ADAudit Plus to properly protect themselves and their data and to comply with ISO 20007, GDPR/AVG, SOC, PCI and HIPAA, among others. Join them and secure your organization in the best possible way.

ADAudit Plus: AD auditing has never been easier!

Why ADAudit Plus?

+ Perform comprehensive AD audits quick and easily
+ Audit File Servers
+ Powerful tool against data leaks
+ Windows Server Audits
+ Indispensable source for compliance audits (GDPR, AVG, SOX, HIPAA, etc.)
Important: Choose Advanced Onboarding for the ultimate setup!

Efficient and intuitive auditing with ADAudit Plus

Active Directory Auditing

Log-on/Log-off Auditing

Fileserver Auditing

Windows Server Auditing

What can you do with ADAudit Plus?

  • View comprehensive reports on administrative changes and logon events in the Active Directory.
  • Use filter based rules and configure ADAudit Plus to report / alert on specific change events on AD objects.
  • Find answers to the vital 4W's - Who effected what change in Active Directory, when and from where.
  • Receive alerts on desired change events - right in your inbox/ the product.
  • Get the complete history of changes on Active Directory and Group Policy objects.
  • Archive change records for better forensic analysis.
  • Organize your Event log Data to help in Security and Compliance Auditing needs.
  • Audit the Logon/Logoff activities of Member Servers in a Microsoft Server Environment.
  • In Real-Time, centrally Track-Audit-Secure the Windows File Server files, folder structure, shares and access permissions!

More About ManageEngine's ADAudit Plus?

ADAudit Plus is a powerful IT tool against data leaks that works quickly and easily.

ADAudit Plus is a powerful windows auditing tool from . A real must-have in the field of security and an extremely useful tool for audit managers. Ideal for a complete audit of domain controllers (DCs), other Windows (member) servers, file servers, workstations, printers, NetApp, EMC and more.

Active Directory is the linchpin in all organizational activities. Here, changes are tracked, verified and controlled to ensure safe IT security management. Unfortunately, the original Active Directory is not sufficiently equipped to handle the control of scripts and command tools. Therefore, the need has arisen for a reliable monitoring, alerts and reporting software for the entire Windows network. ADAudit Plus exceeds every expectation.

This powerful tool has a variety of real-time monitoring reports to help administrators identify change events logged in domain controller security logs. Active Directory changes related to user logon, domain policy changes, and user, group, and computer object management are monitored and reported. Alerts can also be set for this.

These reports and notifications are clear and easy to manage, even for less technical users. Reports meet the 4 vital W's of Active Directory monitoring:

ADAudit also has excellent export options such as .XLS, .HTML, .PDF and .CSV files.

Realtime IT Compliance with ADAudit Plus

Rely on the automated monitoring system for compliance
ADAudit Plus is an indispensable tool for compliance issues. SOX, HIPPA, PCI-DSS, FISMA, GLBA, GDPR/AVG: it has never been easier to comply with these requirements. ADAudit plus offers an effective method of information security and control through continuous monitoring and various audit reports that are carried out with integrity, confidentiality and accuracy. User activities, data access and adjustments are also checked for various regulatory requirements via ADAudit software.
Thanks to ADAudit plus you have 24/7 real-time monitoring, email alerts and more than 200+ pre-configured reports. This allows you to achieve compliance with unprecedented ease and control.

ADAudit works with

  • Platforms :  Windows 8.1 en 10
  • Windows Server  2008, 2012, 2016, 2019 and 2022
Microsoft Active Directory and log files, see also Eventslog Analyzer for other Auditing of Applications logs and non-windows systems. For example Unix, Linux, AS400 etc. ADaudit and EventLog Analyzer also available as a bundle in the Log360 tool

Interested in ADAudit Plus?

Our specialists are always ready to help, give a demo or answer any questions you might have.

Compare editions

Feature ADAudit Plus Standard ADAudit Plus Professional
AD Logon Activity Monitoring
AD User, Group, Computer, OU, GPO Change Auditing
Administrator/HelpDesk Technician Activity Auditing
Schedule, E-mail Pre-configured Reports
Threshold based e-mail Alerts
Compliance specific reports
Account Lockout Reports | Analyzer
Group Policy Object settings audit
Track all attribute changes of User/Computer/Groups/OU
New/Old Value audit AD Object attributes
Active Directory Permission change audit
DNS Server Auditing
Schema, Contacts & Configuration Auditing
Support for MS SQL database
Audit File Server and Failover Clusters, add-on
Azure AD auditing, add-on
Netapp, EMC, Synology, Htachi, Huawei, changes,. add-on
local Windows auditing, local login/off, integrety, printers, add-on
Workstation, Local logon/off, working hours, USB, Local accounts, Add-on


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