Application Control Plus


Application control software for enterprises.

Application Control Plus automates the generation and maintenance of application whitelists and blacklists based on the specified control rules. With built-in sophisticated Endpoint Privilege Management, Application Control Plus is a comprehensive solution tailored to fit the application control needs of every growing enterprise.



Discover running applications.



Rule-based application grouping.



Associate app groups to relevant users.

Benefits of our holistic application control approach:

Limit the chances of malware intrusions and advanced persistent threats by blacklisting malicious executables.

Ensure complete endpoint security by creating whitelists of applications that you trust, and keep all the unknowns at a safe distance from your network.

Permit only users with relevant roles to access certain applications, by creating custom groups, and minimize the count of software to be managed.

Enforce least privilege across all users and facilitate on-demand privilege elevation specific to applications with built-in endpoint privilege management.

Enhance productivity without compromising on security by prohibiting applications like games and instant messaging.


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