Key Manager Plus

Key Manager Plus

The ultimate web-based SSH Key and SSL certificate management solution for organizations.

Never deal with SSH/SSL keys in awkward spreadsheets again? You can! Key Manager Plus is an application that securely and responsibly takes care of this for you.

Key Manager Plus is a web-based SSH and SSL key management solution from ManageEngine that helps you track the lifecycle of Secure Shell keys, from administration, control, monitoring, alerts, to auditing. It provides you with the visibility needed, giving administrators total control over these keys to intervene promptly or comply with requirements (Compliance) such as SOX, FISMA, PCI, and HIPAA.

Import SSH and SSL keys, create self-signed certificates: it can hardly get any better. Rotate these keys for optimal IT security and receive notifications in advance when a key is about to expire.

Many customers have preceded you and are extremely enthusiastic about Key Manager Plus!

Together with  Password Manager PRO, it is the best software for unified Privileged Identity Management.

Why Key Manager Plus?

+ SSL Certificaat Management
+ SSH Key Management
+ Together with Password Manager Pro, it's the best software for unified Privileged Identity Management.
+ 10 years of experience and expertise
+ NL & EN Support

SSL Certificaat Management

SSH Key Management


Discover all deployed SSL Certificates on the network.

Central Inventory

Manage all certificates in a secure storage environment.


Map all SSH certificates, users, and private keys in the network.

Storage and consolidation

All SSH certificates in one clear overview.

Deploy Certificates

Deploy new SSL certificates to the appropriate domain servers.

Set up alerts

Receive notifications for certificates that are about to expire.

Create and deploy

Generate new key pairs and associate them with users and systems.

Key rotation

Ensure that passwords are changed periodically.

Wildcard Certificates

Maintain an overview of all wildcard certificates.

Let's Encrypt Integration

End-to-end certificate lifecycle management with Let's Encrypt.

Launch Direct

Launch SSH connections directly to target systems.

Key-user relationships

Clearly and comprehensively display all key-to-user relationships within the company.

Manage AD Users

Track and manage certificates associated with users.

MS Certificate Store

Discover, track, and manage certificates from the MS Certificate Store.

Push Keys

Push private passwords to remote user accounts.

Key configuration

Create and enforce password policies.

What problems does Key Manager Plus solve for you?

Keeping data in motion secure has always been a major challenge for IT security professionals. SSH keys help in securing and maintaining, for example, external sessions and data traffic. The digital keys used for this purpose pose a challenge in themselves.

Normally, SSH keys are unmanaged and not monitored. This leaves organizations vulnerable to attacks. Without an automated system, keeping track of and knowing which keys are in use becomes an overwhelming task.

ManageEngine Key Manager Plus is designed to solve these problems.

Keymanager plus schema

With Key Manager Plus, you have:

  • A comprehensive view of all SSH keys in your organization and provides you with central control
  • Delete or generate new public keys and the trusted relationship between these keys and the users, this can also be done in bulk.
  • Harness security by periodically rotating the keys to prevent misuse.
  • Initiate direct connections to external devices with the keys from Key Manager Plus, saving you time and increasing productivity.
  • Remove keys that are no longer needed or outdated from the database, immediately revoke access to external equipment, and prevent unintended access through old accounts.


  • Supported Operating Systems: Window en Linux
  • SSH version: v2
  • Authenticatie: Local, Active Directory (Windows)
  • Database: PostgreSQL (gebundeld)
  • Discovery: Zonder agents
  • Protocols: ZRSA (1024/2048/4096 bit) and DSA (1024 bit)
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Key Manager Plus
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