Darktrace for Email

Darktrace for Email

The best security for your e-mail

Darktrace for Email uses artificial intelligence (AI) to stop the most sophisticated email threats and intervenes to protect employees from the full range of threats that target the inbox.

Understands human behavior

Learns the unique behavioural pattern of all email users in the organisation.

Stops the most advanced e-mail threats

Protects all employees from spear phishing and spoofing/digital fakes.

Installed within 5 minutes

Cloud-delivered, installed in under 5 minutes and effective within hours.

Darktrace for Email or Antigena Email

Because e-mail is the front door to your organisation.

Email is more relied on than ever as a collaborative tool for the dynamic workplace. It is also the source of 94% of cyber attacks, with attackers increasingly using: advanced phishing, account takeover and domain spoofing.

With Darktrace for Email / Antigena Email you can protect your employees against cyber attacks via email.

Why Darktrace for Email?

+ The best protection against cyber attacks via e-mail
+ Learns and develops on the job
+ Understands how users think and work
+ Saves a huge amount of time and therefore cost
+ Trusted by 7.500+ organizations

Waarom autonome respons zo belangrijk is

Cyberaanvallen zijn steeds sneller

Smash & Grab tactieken zijn steeds gangbaarder.

Aanvallen vinden buiten kantooruren plaats

Meer en meer cyberaanvallen vinden plaats wanneer het kantoor dicht is en de reactietijd trager is.

Disruptie is geen optie

Het mag niet zo zijn dat cyberaanvallen of bedreigingen impact hebben op de bedrijfsoperatie.

IT beveiligingsteams zijn vaak onderbemand

Incidenten worden te laat ontdekt of opgepakt omdat het IT security team te weinig tijd heeft om alles direct op te pakken en is daardoor vaak te laat.

Het autonome respons systeem voor jou gehele IT-infrastructuur!

Interested in Darktrace for Email?

Contact one of our Darktrace specialists and we'll happily protect you against cyber attacks via Email.

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