President of ManageEngine does a round in the Netherlands  Rajesh Ganesan, President of ManageEngine, has traveled from India to the Netherlands and is making a round of Dutch customers flanked by Andre Schelleman, founder of Dutch Distributor CBA IT Tools. Rajesh Ganesan's presence in the Netherlands provides an unparalleled opportunity to interact... Read more

What is NIS2? You may have already come across it or may be dealing with it already – NIS2 (Network and Information Security 2). It's the new European cybersecurity directive that will take effect from January 2024.   The EU aims to prevent serious ICT incidents and enhance digital security and resilience in Europe through this new legislatio... Read more

The number of data breaches at large organisations is growing and is also increasingly in the news. Think for example of the data leaks at Yahoo, Uber, here in the Netherlands at the GGD, RDC, allekabels and most recently at Nebu. Data breaches can lead to significant damage for the organisations involved, ranging from financial losses to reputational damage... Read more

As an IT supplier, we know better than anyone how important the IT infrastructure is for organizations. Likewise in healthcare. A good IT infrastructure is essential for healthcare for several reasons: Better communication: The right IT infrastructure enables healthcare professionals to easily communicate with each other and exchange information. This... Read more


  To succeed in today's fast-paced business world, the quality and speed of your IT help desk team is critical to maintaining customer satisfaction and improving business reputation. To achieve this imperative, ITOM must be an integral part of your ITSM strategy. The combined strengths of ITOM and ITSM allows you to achieve: Streamlined IT serv... Read more

Emerging technologies and new developments are transforming entire markets and the way we work. At TBX, it is possible to experience, learn and understand these new developments. Want to know more about how technological evolution affects your business? Then join us at TBX! A visit to TBX provides you with the necessary know-how and tools to recharge and ... Read more

ManageEngine is celebrating its 20th anniversary. A remarkable achievement in the constantly changing landscape of the IT world. Indeed, they are planning to increase their workforce by an additional 1,000 employees. A growth of some 25%. From 4,000 to 5,000. A move that only confirms the belief in and strength of the organistion. ManageEngine is a particul... Read more

Cyber-attacks are becoming increasingly complex and numerous. It is a constant challenge for organizations to deal with this growing stream of threats. Conventional tools and associated procedures sometimes fall short. We have strengthened our IT security portfolio with Darktrace, the world leader in Enterprise Immune System technology for cyber security. &... Read more

  As of this summer Desktop Central will continue under the name Endpoint Central. What started 16 years ago as a new product to replace client management tools has now grown into a full-fledged tool for Unified Endpoint Management. Around 2010 mobile device management was added and later (in 2012) improved security features. After that ManageEngine ... Read more

The world has been shaken up by a serious leak in an open source product from the Apache Foundation. The component in question is called Log4j. The leak makes many systems worldwide vulnerable to abuse by cybercriminals. The problem with Log4j is that it is integrated into a lot of software. This makes analysis and resolution complex.    Here we ... Read more

New Agent

  We are glad to present the new, unified agent for asset discovery   In Servicedesk plus and Assetexplorer the unified agent, courtesy of Desktop Central, the unified endpoint management solution from ManageEngine, replaces our existing asset inventory agent.  Tentative Release Date: June 30, 2021 (Subject to change) ... Read more

IT security awareness essentieel voor informatiebeveiliging van u of organisaties Snel even een emailverzoek van je directeur (die in het buitenland is) uitvoeren en met spoed een factuur betalen?  Een linkje van een collega die met zijn nieuwe vriendin op vakantie is?  Een whatsappbericht over een illegaal feestje?    We kli... Read more


 x... Read more

After the big succes that is OPManager there is now a MSP edition available. Are you a Managed Service Provider? Then OPManager MSP is for you! Monitor your network and devices, bandwidth, firewalls. The same in every way as  OPManager but now segmented for your customers. Get detailed reports for SLA's en QoS. For more information, click here.... Read more


Have you ever been blacklisted? It can happen to the best. Whether you have your own mail server, your own website, or use services like Office 365, anyone can be hacked. If you get hacked, thousands of spam mails are sent from your address, and you will be registered on one of the lists of Spamhaus or Barracuda in no time.   That’s goo... Read more

Working safely from home Almost everyone works, where possible, at home. However, this raises a number of problems, according to Jesper Smits and Victor Degenaars, internet and software security experts. "You can see that a lot of Internet service providers are experiencing failures. Service providers should squeeze the lines, with the result that,... Read more

... Read more

1.                Cancelled due to Corona Virus, CBABenelux no longer stands with ManageEngine as sponsor at Microsoft Ignite on March 11 & 12. We would treat device management, Windows apps & servers, and ActiveDirectory there. 2.            &... Read more

Find the used Tomcat Apache servers in IT infrastructure On request we can do the job for you incl. the updates.   This security advisory addresses the problem and its solution regarding a serious vulnerability (CVE-2020-1938) discovered by security researchers. You are requested to read this security advisory fully to understand the nature ... Read more

  Organizations deploy O365 Manager Plus, to ensure continuous availability of resources to their employees and enhance their productivity. But this burdens the administrators with the additional responsibility of managing the cloud-based environment as well. Apart from the traditional on-premise Active Directory, they now have to provision and manage ... Read more

Password Manager pro now offers you more for less. Yes, your're reading this right. if offers the functionality as the big ones for 40% of their price. Click above link for product information and edition comparison.... Read more

Do you organisation have licensies of  Kaspersky, Gemalto, SafeND, Forcepoint, Soti, Fortinet, Trendmicro, Safenet, Let us know... Read more

ManageEngine is honored to be recognized by Gartner analysts in the 2019 Magic Quadrant for Unified Endpoint Management Tools for the second consecutive year.   We have maintained a rapid pace of innovation to help customers prepare for the next generation of digital innovation, including modern management for Windows, macOS, Linux, Chrome OS, iOS, ... Read more

  Service desk 11 contains Enterprise Service Management. Multi instance Servicedesks.   The newest build of Service Desk on-premise now contains the ESM which stands for Enterprise Service Management.   Create additional environments for different departments, completely at your discretion. These extra environments can also contain... Read more

ADSelfService Plus Secures Network Resources, Requires Mac Users to Prove Their Identities.   Compliance: Complies with NIST SP 800-63B, NYCRR, FFIEC, GDPR and HIPPA regulations Flexibility: Uses OU and group-based policies to enforce 2FA to specific users or all users Stringent second factors: Uses advanced authentication technique... Read more

We're happy to announce that the long-awaited CMDB in the cloud version of ServiceDesk Plus is released.   The new CMDB module enables service desk teams to:   Map modules and individual items to CI types and CIs, respectively. Define custom CI types, and collect additional information... Read more

Browser Security Plus     ManageEngine, the real-time IT management company, today announced its launch of Browser Security Plus, a browser management solution that helps organisations secure their corporate data in the cloud and protect their networks from web-based cyberattacks. Available immediately, Browser Security Plus provides or... Read more

  ManageEngine ADSelfService Plus Adds Two-Factor Authentication Support for Windows Logons Helps Organizations Add an Extra Layer of Security to Windows Machines and Comply with IT Regulations Enable two-factor authentication for both local and remote desktop logons. Granularly enforce TFA based on OUs and groups Download a free, 30-... Read more

  ManageEngine Launches Microsoft Outlook Add-In for ITSM Teams Company Also Provides Actionable Messages for Microsoft Office 365 Users in IT Service Desk Teams Allows IT support agents and end users to manage the complete life cycle of IT support tickets from within their Office 365 mailboxes Ac... Read more

ManageEngine, a label of Zohocorp has completely rewritten their Privacy Policy to provide more transparency and clarity about our practices. We have become stricter with our stand on privacy. To make it easier for you, we have two versions of our Privacy Policy: a short summary and a longer legally binding version addressing all scenarios in detail. We've p... Read more

  Gartner's report for Network Performance Monitoring and Diagnostics (NPMD) Magic Quadrant is out and OpManager has grabbed a spot in the report. Gartner releases its MQ report every year based on their research on NPMD market space and current challenges faced by every industry today. Gartner evaluates every product based on its capabilities for... Read more

Ever been lost in the AD forest? Would you like to create order in your AD forest? Let ADManager guide you trough the AD forest and get your Active Directory tasks simplified! Read more... Read more

    Starting May 25, 2018, every enterprise that handles the personal data of European Union citizens will need to maintain GDPR compliance. The GDPR's main goal is to enforce transparent data collection and processing methods as well as stricter data security policies. Non-compliance could result in a hefty fine, so enterprises have to asse... Read more

  ServiceDesk Plus has been named a champion in Info-Tech Research Group's 2017 Mid-Market Service Desk Vendor Landscape report. This report is designed to help organizations select a mid-market service desk solution by providing a list of the top vendors. For each vendor, the report details their strengths and challenges, as well as their "V... Read more