Healthdesk Helpdesk analysis

Healthdesk Quick and Deep scan.

Are helpdesk analysis of your services, costs etc of your internal or external Servicedesk or so called supportCenter or customer services.

Quick Scan.

Is a configuration, feature, processes check of +/- 150 points, in  max 1 day for a reduced day price of Eur 495.- contactform

Deep Scan

This Deap scan analysis is based on your company requests under NDA by ex CEO/CIO's.


  • Costs per call,
  • Cost drivers, who, which, why are my "hidden" cost drivers?"
  • Better performance
  • Less human stress, pain, injuries

The result report is yours, with analyses, figures, conclusions and recommondations.

Its up to your organisation what to do with it.


If urgent you may call us directly free on 088-3210500088-3210500 or +31 (0)20 6104888+31 (0)20 6104888

We respond within 2 hours, Garanteed!

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