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ServiceDesk Plus Cloud drastically transforms the work of IT teams, enabling them to stop focussing on time consuming everyday task and instead deliver impressive customer service. This solution provides great overview and central control in handling IT issues in such a way that businesses do not suffer from downtime. For over ten years, it has brought a smile to the faces of millions of IT professionals and end users.

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Why ServiceDesk Plus Cloud?

+ Implement best practice standards with ease
+ Reduce malfunctions and improve productivity
+ Multi-site from one central console
+ Streamline assetmanagement
+ Optimize SLA services

The most powerful Cloud-based IT Helpdesk

ITSM software

Best practices for

It servedesk plus intgratie met diverse apps

Powerful integration
with apps for IT-management

helpdesk automatisering

Work more efficient
smart automations

helpdesk rapportages en compliance

Extensive options
for audits and reports

Eenvoudig en snel servicedesk aanpassingen doorvoeren zonder coderen

Adjustments without
coding skills

Implementatie van serveice desk in the cloud

Implement in the cloud
or on premise

Wat is ServiceDesk Plus Cloud?

ServiceDesk Plus Cloud- ManageEngine integrates your help desk requests and IT assets to help you manage your ICT effectively. It helps implement best practices and speeds up the resolution of IT service requests. ServiceDesk Plus Cloud is developed by Manageengine and is highly flexible and easy to implement helpdesk software.

More than 15,000 IT managers worldwide use ServiceDesk Plus Cloud to manage their IT helpdesk and assets. Available in more than 20 different languages. From 2 to hundreds of helpdesk technicians. Request a Service Desk Plus Cloud demo now and experience the ease and efficiency!

A short demo: Servicedesk Plus Demo

Flexible Helpdesk Software

ManageEngine's helpdesk software - Servicedesk Plus Cloud is the perfect solution for managing your internal IT and HR requests. Moreover, Servicedesk is easy to expand and grows along with your needs!
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IT helpdesk software
✓ Incident management
✓ Self-service portal
✓ Knowledge portal
✓ Multi-site support
✓ SLA management
✓ Helpdesk reports
Helpdesk & Asset management
✓ Incident management
✓ Self-service portal
✓ Knowledge portal
✓ Multi-site support
✓ SLA management
✓ Helpdesk reports
✓ IT asset discovery
✓ Software assetmanagement
✓ Asset inventaris reports
✓ Purchase & contactmanagement

Helpdesk + change + asset + project
✓ Incident management
✓ Self-service portal
✓ Knowledge portal
✓ Multi-site support
✓ SLA management
✓ Helpdesk reports
✓ IT asset discovery
✓ Software assetmanagement
✓ Asset inventaris reports
✓ Puchase & contactmanagement
✓ Probleem management
✓ Service catalog
✓ IT project management
Advice or a Servicedesk Plus Cloud Demo?
360° ITSM - Control and manage it all!
If you opt for Servicedesk Plus Cloud, you will be able to manage, control and report on all helpdesk-related matters. Extend the scope of the helpdesk? No problem at all. You can automate all processes yourself or use the standard pre-programmed templates.

Need help with installation, implementation or purchase? Our specialists will be happy to assist you. We can do a quick scan or deep scan of your Service desk Cloud and evaluate the perfect configuration together with you.
Incident management
Ensure service continuity with the comprehensive incident management in ServiceDesk Plus Cloud. Easily report incidents, configure SLAs, define automation & workflows for each category of Incidents to minimise business impact.
Issue Management
Eliminate the root cause of problems effectively with ServiceDesk Plus Cloud and put an end to time consuming everyday tasks after repeated incidents. SDP includes the management of multiple incidents and workflows.
Change Management
The ServiceDesk Plus Cloud Change Management module provides structured and fast handling of all changes in your IT infrastructure. It is bundled with the categorisation of changes, the creation of the CAB and workflow automation.
Boost helpdesk productivity
Now don't just save on the cost of your help desk software with Servicedesk Plus Cloud, but make your entire help desk more efficient and boost the productivity of the whole department!
Via field and form rules, it is possible to modify incident and service templates and have them perform modified automated actions. This makes it possible to work much more efficiently. Many activities that were previously carried out manually belong to the past now.
Service Catalog
Gives a face to your IT organisation by clearly presenting the services offered by IT (service catalogue), configuring workflows and delivering the requested services within the agreed time.
Tracks and manages all your CI's in a single repository. It is designed to provide greater insight into your assets by capturing the interrelationships and dependencies of all CI's.
Project management
The purchase order and contract management module of ServiceDesk Plus Cloud allows you to capture and track the entire lifecycle of a purchase order, from creation to approval, delivery and contracts with each purchase.
Selfservice portal for optimal efficiency
End-users can enter the calls themselves and see the follow-up depending on what the helpdesk sets up for each call. The knowledge database saves the helpdesk time and therefore money.
Mobile App
Applicants can log in to the mobile app to create and/or track applications. In this way, they are always aware of the latest status and this saves your helpdesk having to answer questions.
Custom HTML files
Calling and executing custom HTML files is now even easier. Thus, third-party applications can be easily integrated into the user interface. This can be done via HTML forms.
Export projects als PDF
Exporteer en download eenvoudig project modules en activiteiten zoals Project Gant view, Project Overview Map en Task Dependency Map in pdf formaat.
Reports and compliance
Know what is happening in your helpdesk through the intuitive and powerful reporting modules and interactive dashboards in ServiceDesk Plus Cloud. A variety of standard reports are included with the product.
Failover service
With the Failover add-on in ServiceDesk Plus Cloud it is possible to configure a secondary service desk installation. This installation will take over when there is a malfunction or power failure in the primary installation.
Auto suggest
Configure unique fields in the search field to provide automatic solution suggestions when creating an incident. The default category and sub category and description are included in the search.

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