Firewall Analyzer


What Is Firewall Analyzer?

Firewall Analyzer is a web based tool for change management, configuration analysis, security audit of Firewall devices, bandwidth monitoring and security reporting. The software application analyzes the Firewall devices configurations, manages the configuration changes and audits security of devices. It collects, analyzes, and archives logs from network perimeter security devices and generates reports. The devices are, Firewalls, Proxy servers, Intrusion Detection System (IDS)/Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), and Virtual Private Networks (VPN). The salient features of the application are Firewall device management, bandwidth monitoring and security reports.

What Problems Does It Solve?

Firewall Analyzer helps network security administrators and IT Managers for bandwidth monitoring, and Firewall internet security events monitoring efficiently. The Firewall security events are, intrusion detection, virus attacks, denial of service attack, etc., anomalous behaviors, employee web activities, and web traffic analysis. It makes you visualize your enterprises network security. Capacity planning using trend analysis and detecting security compromises are some of the critical problems that are resolved using Firewall Analyzer. It generates admin reports, on all the firewall logs, addresses your network audit and regulatory compliance requirements. It monitors used and unused Firewall policies and policies can be optimized using Firewall settings. Employee web activities can be monitored with the help of proxy log analysis.

Firewall Analyzer provides a solution for Managed Security Service Providers (MSSP) to offer profitable Managed Firewall Services. The traffic monitoring and Firewall reporting application will help to track attacks, intrusions, manage user website access, audit traffic and also help to manage customer\\\'s network bandwidth usage efficiently.


What Platforms And Devices Does It Support?


Windows and Linux

Cisco ASA, Cisco IOS, Cisco FWSM, Cisco PIX, CheckPoint, Fortigate, Juniper Netscreen, Sonicwall
Microsoft ISA, NetCache, Squid
3Com X Family
Cisco VPN Concentrator


Which Firewall Analyzer Edition Is Suitable For You?

Firewall Analyzer is available in different editions addressing the requirements of small, medium businesses and large enterprises. 





Compare editions

Feature Firewall Analyzer Professional Firewall Analyzer Enterprise Firewall Analyzer Standard
Bandwidth Reports
inbound / Outbound Traffic
Internet / Intranet Reports
VPN Usage & Trend
Protocol Usage
Firewall Rules Report
Sites Accessed by Users
Firewall Device Audit Report
Attack / Virus Reports
Spam Reports
Failed LogOn Events
Denied Events & Websites
Insider Threat Reports
Custom Dashboards
User Specific Dashboards
Criteria based Real-time Alert
Network Behavioral Anomaly Alert
Interface Bandwidth Utilization Alert
Incident Analysis with Raw data
In-depth auditing with aggregated database entries
Local Authentication
Network Troubleshooting Tools
Policy Overview
Policy Optimization (Anomaly Detection)
Rule Cleanup
Rule Reorder & Recommendation
New Rule Impact Analysis
Real-time Change Notification
Historical Configuration Change Tracking
Regulatory Compliance (ISO, PCI-DSS, NERC-CIP, SANS, NIST)
Security Audit Report
On-demand Configuration Backup
Embed Widget
AD Based Authentication
Radius Authentication
Pass Through Authentication
Diagnose Connections
Multi-Language Support
Scalable architecture
Monitors multi-geographical locations
Distributed central-collector architecture
Site specific reports
Web-client Rebranding
Client & user specific views


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