ADManager Plus

ADManager Plus

Boost your Active Directory management skills and efficiency to a new level with ADmanager Plus -  ManageEngine. It is the management and reporting solution for Active Directory, Exchange and Office 365. IT enables IT administrators to easily manage AD objects, develop complete user management, manage AD groups, make bulk adjustments and more. Moreover, it is possible to run detailed reports with 1 click of the button.

ADManager Plus: AD management has never been easier!

Why ADManager Plus?

+ Simplified management of AD accounts (incl. bulk adjustments)
+ Enables you to act quickly in case of emergencies (without powershell scripts)
+ Optimize Group Policy (GPO) Management
+ Automate repetitive and complex tasks within AD Management
+ Indispensable source for compliance audits (GDPR, AVG, SOX, HIPAA, etc.)
Now available with Advanced onboarding for the ultimate setup!

ADManager Plus: the most most intuitively Active Directory Management tool

Manage users and
perform bulk changes

Password management
Active Directory

Manage server

Managing Office 365
and Exchange

What is ADManager Plus?

ADManager Plus provides you with a simple, easy to understand and use interface for Windows Active Directory Management. Further more: the managing and reporting solutions within ADManager help AD Administrators and helpdesk technicians perform their daily task more efficiently. With the central and Intuitive web-based user interface of ADManager Plus (ManageEngine) you can easily manage a wide variety of complex tasks such as changes to large numbers of users and other AD subjects, conditioned access (roles) for AD administrators and both many AD reports, some of which are indispensable for thorough compliance audits.
ADManager Plus is a software solution developed by ManageEngine. It will drastically simplify improve the efficiency of performing your Active Directory tasks.

AD Management

  • Simultaniously manage users for: AD, Exchange `server, Office 365, Skype en G Suite
  • Bulk manage an change users via templates and csv's
  • Fullly automated password management
  • Manage file server permissions (share and NTFS permissions) in bulk
  • Simplyfied AD group management via templates

Create and share AD reports

  • Active Directory user reports for disabled/locked accounts without scripts
  • Easily generate reports on inactivity and logins
  • Set up and manage lists of NTFS user group permissions
  • Generate compliance reports for GDPR, SOX, HIPAA, PCI and GBLA

Automatiseer time consuming task with ADManager Plus

  • Onboarding for new users has never been this easy
  • Fully automated cleaning of AD environments
  • Automated license management ensures never to many office licenses
  • Stay in control of automated workflows
  • Set time limits for group memberships

Create workflows for Active Directory tasks

  • Streamline AD operations through approved workflows
  • Create custom workflows for your business
  • Appoint specific tasks to the right person
  • Use workflows as a tool for IT compliance
  • Stay in controle and receive real-time ticket information via sms or e-mail
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    ManageEngine is de product van een groot aantal zeer efficiënte en uitgebreide IT tools voor organisaties. Denk hierbij aan IT helpdesk software, AD management software en meer. Ongekend efficiënt, zowel in kosten als tijd.

    Compare editions

    Feature ADManager Plus Professional ADManager Plus Standard
    Multiple domains
    Organisatie Unit (OU) based administration
    Workflow Automation
    Support for Exchange & Office365
    Technician based templates
    Helpdesk delegation
    Many Reports, See ADAudit for more Auditin
    Scheduling reports
    Domains, users, computers
    AD contact Managament
    Assign Groups to Technicians


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