Identity & Access Management Webinar

Webinar Identity & Access Management

CBABenelux organizes a webinar in collaboration with Thales. In this webinar, Dennis Verhoeven, Pre-Sales Consultant at Thales, is presenting a demo about SafeNet Trusted Access - the Thales Access Management solution.

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Secure cloud access is the new way of remote working

In a world where identity is the new perimeter, our mission is to provide trusted access in a zero trust world.

Cloud adoption has been very high in recent years. The efficiency and flexibility of cloud services is becoming increasingly attractive to organizations, partly because working from home has become the new norm.

The need to expand local infrastructure such as VPNs to support additional employees can be costly and operationally challenging. Also allowing users to log into cloud services with a password exposes organizations to data breaches and security risks.


Authentication is largely based on passwords, and research shows that despite the increase in data breaches, the use of passwords is actually increasing.

This can be attributed to trends in cloud adoption: the pace of cloud adoption is not keeping pace with security and access management implementation, which is likely to cause organizations to use standard/simple passwords for lack of a better alternative, despite the risks. For example, service providers use the same passwords for different customers.

However, the good news is that IT and risk professionals are looking for new ways to secure access, and this need has spurred innovation in authentication technology and methods. These include: passwordless authentication (fingerprint, iris scan), fido protocol, Zero trust approaches and adaptive authentication.

When: 5th of November 2020
Where: online 10:00
Event type: webinars


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