ManageEngine's Shield Virtual 2021

Een cybersecurity and IAM Online Seminar. Mis het niet en schrijf je direct in!

Monitor your business and data! People, resources, data and company image are the pillars of your organisation, protect them carefully and do not become the next victim of a cyber attack. 

The risks and importance of Identity and Access Management (IAM) and proactive ActiveDirectory management are too often underestimated. As a result, the risk of a data breach or non-compliance is extremely high, especially for big companies and multinationals. Data leaves the organisation via a person or a system/entity. Both are an identity and therefore important to protect. Moreover, make sure you know which identity or identities are behind a certain data flow and maintain an overview. Ensure continuous monitoring of AD and set up alerts to detect anomalies. Only then can you pursue a proactive IT security policy.

“"Identity and access management (IAM) is one of the most important elements for your information security and a component of cybersecurity that should not be underestimated"”


  • Various presentations from ActiveDirectory experts 

  • Get to know AD management best practices from around the world

  • Learn to avoid and detect internal threats and protect your systems, applications and data

  • Discover how to relieve the helpdesk with self-service for password resets, workstation unlocking with SSO and password synchronisation, among others. 

  • Learn how to set up continuous change monitoring & alerting for your AD environment

  • Learn how to defend against advanced attacks using log management and auditing techniques

  • Ask our experts your most burning questions!

Who is this event for?

This seminar is organised for various layers and departments of your organisation with IT specialism. For example: Boardroom members/MT and IT seniors in IT security, helpdesk and HR.


Het programma:

  • Intro

  • Strengthening Cybersecurity through ML and AI

  • Components of an effective SOC (collection, processing, detection and response)

  • Managing AD and office 365: the hybrid way

  • Modern MFA to protect your system, application(s) and data

When: 5 Oktober 2021 10:00
Where: Online
Event type: webinars

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