ME End user conference 2023 (morning session)

On januari 11th 2023 we will be organizing our ManageEngine user conference. Please mark the date in your calendar and invite your colleagues. It is a day for and by users of the ManageEngine products. So it is a day for you!

We want this conference to be in line with the wishes of the end users.  So, if you or one of your colleagues have any wishes regarding the content of the day or specific subjects/questions, we would like to hear from you (mail to: 

During this user conference, users of the ManageEngine products can meet each other. It is a great opportunity to share experiences and learn what ManageEngine has planned for the future.

*The morning session and afternoon session are the same. So you can choose which suits you best.

Why this event?

✔️ The latest insights by ME experts

✔️ Roadmaps for ME products

✔️ Meet fellow IT professionals and share experiences

✔️ Current topics

✔️ Answers to all your questions

Details van de ME End user conference 2023

Date: 11-01-2023
Location: Van der Valk Vianen
Adress: Prins Bernhardstraat 75, 4132 XE Vianen

Coffee: 09:00
Morning session: 9:30 - 12:30
Lunch: 12:30

When: 11-01-2023
Where: Van der Valk - Vianen
Event type: Event

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