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Since 2008  ManageEngine IT tools, more total ICT monitoring. CBA signed official Distrubutor / reseller agreement for the Netherlands and Belgium. For instance ADManager, Applications and/or Operations Manager, ServiceDesk Plus, NetFlow, Security- and Log Analyzers etc. 

As you will read hereunder,  during the years an increasing specialization, customers and partners base. A good start for your solutions.


From 1980 to 1992 CBA designed software for order, production, financial and relation management, specialized in weight, colours, sizes, m2, m3 and length, for the wood/timber and fashion world.

Growing to complete projects, from network design and management up to education. 

Proactive monitoring or resolving of the problems in the IT infrastructure did require more attention and tools.

Today IT is a fundamental strategic part of your business processes.

How CBA went on and get specialized  in IT management solutions

1989 - 1992  CBA did select  the  Frye Utilities for Networks (FUN)  as a complete IT toolset  for desktop and network diagnostics and documentation for Novell NetWare and the PC’s.  At that time already PC inventory and Software Update en Distribution (SUDS). The Frye utilities became well known in Europe by CBA.

1994 - 1996 A new helpdesk for a higher service level was a logical next step.

We selected HEAT HelpDesk management. Not only for our own use, also as distributor to the market. Today we do helpdesks like ServiceDesk Plus for internal supportor for external customer support SupportCenter Plus or FacilitiesDesk.

More management reports and more IT tools were needed.

1995 - 2006 We selected Crystal Reports  a powerful stand alone reporting tool.  It was already more and more integrated in a lot of software like Exact, JDEdwards,  PeopleSoft and many others.

CBA as distributor did the sales and promotion of Crystal Reports.

Today we still do a lot with Crystal Reports, like training, consultancy and creating or supply reports in Crystalor utilities for it. See hereunder Jeff-Net Crystal add-on tools

1996 - 2000 Distributor of Seagate Software

Frye Inc.,  Crystal Reports, WinINSTALL , Backup Exec and others were purchased by  Seagate Software, part of  Seagate Technology, f.i. harddisks. An interesting suite of tools. Some we did already know. Becoming a distributor of these was a logical step for both.

1999, CBAHolland was born as Software Distributor as part of a holding.

2000 Seagate Software get purchased by Veritas, so we became reseller of Veritas.

2003 Crystal Reports bought by Business Objects. The conditions changed, the joy was gone. Now a days purchased by SAP.

2003 - up to now Reseller of Jeff-Net Crystal Reports Add-on Tools. F.i. Report Runner Batch Scheduler, Viewer, Event Server, WEBportal.

2005 Symantec purchased Veritas, more for Backup Exec then for the rest.

2007  CBA signed for reseller of  the Universal Imaging Utility (UIU) of Big Bang. UIU prepares the reference PC for a hardware independent image f.i. Ghost, Acronis, OS Deployer, Altiris HD image, which we deliver as well.

2007 did purchase WinINSTALL , also known of their tool Survey  License Usage Management. CBA did pick-up reselling in the Benelux

2008 - today

CBAHolland is a distributor of ManageEngine, a label of a ICT managment software of ZohoCorp.com

See also their labels ZOHO.com and WEBNMS.COM  

We promote, deliver, preferrable via the VAR/Reseller channel, and offer supoort services.

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