License fee types

The difference between Single Installation License and Annual Subscription fee's


Annual Subscription model:  Subscription Fee is the only component to be renewed each year to continue using the product.
Subscription Fee covers support / minor updates / major upgrades".
When the Annual Subscription is not renewed, the working will be disabled (will stop)

Perpetual Model/Single Installation License contains an one time License Fee & AMS (Annual Maintenance & Support) components.
AMS covers support / minor updates / major upgrades. AMS is mandatory in year 1.

After the 1st year you can decide not to purchase AMS (± 20% of License) anymore.

The consequence is no support, updates and upgrades (but you still can use the package for 100 years :-). 


The Quote for the Annual Subscription or the Annual Maintenance & Support (AMS)  is by standard 1 Year, but we also offer 3 years, paying 2,5 Years or 5 years paying for 4 years
Just modify the quantity in the quoteof 1 year to 3 or 5 years and the quote will be recalculated


After your modifications the quote will be recalculated again.

The delivery of the product is by e-mail within 48 hours (excluded (USA) holidays and weekends) by a License File (XML).

Watch out! This e-mail with the License File will be send with a "read confirmation", because it is a XML file and could be caught and put in the SPAMBOX. Please check this.


When order, we need the name of the first contact and his/her e-mail address for product information and available updates (this will be integrated in the License File).


E-Delivery to name/e-mail address?
E-Invoice to name/e-mail address?


All our deliveries and services comply with our Market and Delivery Conditions registered with the Chamber of Commerce in Amsterdam. KvK nr. 34109894
Deliveries less then Euro 450, a charge of Euro 12 for order-/administration costs will be added.
Appeal/complaints regarding delivery, within 3 days.
Payments should be received on our account net 30 days.


When the quote is accepted, please print the quote sign it by an authorised person, scan it and  e-mail (preferable ),or fax it and we take care.

Please mention your Purchase ID, and to which address/contact/ email address we can send the invoice (PDF via e-mail =


For any question, do not hesitate to contact us