Our Customers

CBABenelux has been active in IT for almost 20 years. Over the years, we have continued to specialise and thus came into contact with various organisations. Some of them have been customers since the beginning and we are, of course, extremely proud of that. We come into contact with the most interesting parties and are often allowed to help them set up (part of) their IT infrastructure. 

In total, we serve almost 2,000 customers, active in a wide range of industries from international and Dutch governments, logistics, healthcare, supermarkets, international companies, IT service providers, foundations, manufacturers to the nautical sector and education.  A wonderful mix of larger and SME+ or smaller sensitive organizations running on our software and using our advice. Every time we visit them, we are amazed at the knowledge and expertise that is available at our customers and how they build and innovate.

Find a small sample of our customer base below. Looking for a reference? We have it.

Wondering what our driven specialists can do for your organisation?

We are convinced that we can also help your organization improve your ICT infrastructure.Whether it concerns IT security, Active Directory management, helpdesk best-practices procedures, workplace management or something else: the specialists of CBABenelux are ready for you! Wondering if we can do something for your organisation? Then contact us without obligation.
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