President of ManageEngine does a round in the Netherlands

President of ManageEngine does a round in the Netherlands 

Rajesh Ganesan, President of ManageEngine, has traveled from India to the Netherlands and is making a round of Dutch customers flanked by Andre Schelleman, founder of Dutch Distributor CBA IT Tools.

Rajesh Ganesan's presence in the Netherlands provides an unparalleled opportunity to interact directly with a world leader in software innovation. With a focus on broadening contact and understanding between ManageEngine and its customers, Ganesan will hold in-person meetings with C-level IT specialists from prominent Dutch organizations. Recently, Ganesan visited the International Court of Justice (ICJ) and the International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague.

ManageEngine specializes in IT management software (cloud and on-premise) for large organizations. It is a leading software company based in India, with around 280,000 organizations worldwide as customers. These range from multinational corporations to banks and government agencies. This special trip is organized in close cooperation with Andre Schelleman, founder of CBA and distributor in the Netherlands.

One of Ganesan's main objectives during these meetings is to get a better understanding of corporate philosofy, goals and challanges dutch organizations face. These personal discussions will not only serve as a valuable opportunity for knowledge exchange, but will also help strengthen ManageEngine's relationship with customers and potentially lead to new idea's developments and innovations.

"I strongly believe in the importance of direct interaction and building strong relationships with our customers. These conversations allow us to respond more accurately to the needs of the Dutch market and further improve our solutions to meet those needs."

This is a great opportunity for both parties to improve their relationship and get more familiar with each other. With a better understanding of the goals and bottlenecks ManageEngine is able to serve its customers even better which will improve customer satisfaction.