20 years ManageEngine

ManageEngine is celebrating its 20th anniversary. A remarkable achievement in the constantly changing landscape of the IT world. Indeed, they are planning to increase their workforce by an additional 1,000 employees. A growth of some 25%. From 4,000 to 5,000. A move that only confirms the belief in and strength of the organistion.

ManageEngine is a particularly reliable partner for large organisations and intends to remain so and strengthen these ties. The IT giant invests particularly heavily in R&D, ensuring that customers always enjoy an optimal user experience. Moreover, ManageEngine actively works on customer-requested developments, ensuring that the software is always relevant and up to date. 

ManageEngine's most important developments

1996 - Start 
2002 - Development of ManageEngine
2003 - Launch of the first products 
2006 - Translation to 21 languages
2007 - Increased focus on Cloud R&D
2011- - Integration of AI into products
2017 - Integration of ManageEngine suite with Zoho's cloud-based business apps 

Name recognition has grown tremendously 

Whereas years ago ManageEngine was relatively unknown in the Netherlands and Europe, we notice that this is completely different today. Particularly in the IT sector, ME is really a big name and more and more organisations choose to use one or more ManageEngine products. Including various (large) organisations, schools and universities, service providers, multinationals, municipalities, governments and more. 

CBABenelux: official distributor 

CBABenelux (1990) has been working as an official distributor/partner of ManageEngine for more than 15 years and to great satisfaction. The collaboration is particularly good and we are happy to be part of these developments. It is also great to be part of ManageEngine's rapid growth and the development of its profile. This ensures that we continue to develop as an organisation and are able to serve our customers even better.