CBABenelux signs partnership with innovative AI cybersecurity gamechanger Darktrace

Cyber-attacks are becoming increasingly complex and numerous. It is a constant challenge for organizations to deal with this growing stream of threats. Conventional tools and associated procedures sometimes fall short. We have strengthened our IT security portfolio with Darktrace, the world leader in Enterprise Immune System technology for cyber security.

Using new machine learning techniques based on the biological principles of the human immune system, Darktrace addresses the challenge of detecting previously unidentified cyber threats, regardless of their origin. Increasingly complex attacks or previously unknown weaknesses are identified and resolved by Darktrace autonomously and 24/7 before they cause problems.
Darktrace's unique technology follows no rules or signatures. It is powered by advanced machine learning and AI technology, which allows it to learn what is normal for an organization's network environment, so it can then determine if any behavior is abnormal. Thus, it can detect cyberattacks of a nature that may not have been observed before, the "unknown unknowns”.
The ability to recognize patterns and learn from them enables Darktrace to adapt to a changing environment with lightning speed and in real time. This enables organizations to protect themselves in the most effective and pragmatic way against serious, existential threats.
Due to its unique and already proven successful approach, Darktrace is the 'must have' detection and response solution for larger organizations with at least 500+ workstations. In addition, we see many advantages for smaller organizations with sensitive IT environments, such as governments, justice or in a financial sector, or organizations with sensitive sensors and/or multi-location or hybrid environments. Due to its self-learning capability, Darktrace is a solution for now and in the future.
With Darktrace you get an autonomously working virtual SOC expert in house, which detects and prevents security problems 24/7. Darktrace saves a lot of time and money on IT Security, both in hours and in employees, and increases the continuity of your organization.
CBABenelux and Darktrace have confirmed their partnership. Darktrace is complementary to the products and services that we already have in our portfolio for years..
Are you interested in Darktrace?
Then please contact our security experts. We can demonstrate Darktrace or organize a free 30 day demo including 3 accompanying sessions by our experts. This 'Proof of Value', at your location, lets you and your colleagues experience the functioning and the results of Darktrace in your own network.