How Staying IT safe and healthy at home

April 2020

Staying safe and healthy at home

As you might know, CBABenelux has been in partnership with IboyaTraining for a number of years, working to strengthen health and vitality in the workplace.
With the current
COVID-19 situation, this will only become more important. Many people work from home, sit all day, and eat less varied than usual. Research shows that working from home is even more mentally straining than working in an office. It is simply very important to be aware of your health, and that of your colleagues.

With this in mind, IboyaTotalHealthAcademy,
in collaboration with CBABenelux, has published a free video with tips and exercises you can do at home to strengthen your body and immune system! Click here

ITHA  (IboyaTotalHealthAcademy) is an online platform that helps you to exercise proficiently, eat healthier and get enough mental rest. This integrated approach is necessary, as experience has taught us nutrition, exercise and mental peace are closely correlated. Our platform also includes fun workouts you can follow online or together with your colleagues!

Want to know more about the online platform?
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Research has shown viruses multiply less quickly when we’re burning fat. As such, losing weight has an inhibiting effect! Fasting, Intermittent Fasting and calorie restriction are scientifically proven programs that switch metabolism from fat production to more fat burning. ITHA facilitates these fat-burning programs through our online platform.
Free Video: Increase your resistance
Working safely from home
It is not only important to stay healthy, working securely is becoming more important than ever, especially when working from home. Criminals across the globe are betting heavily on phishing campaigns, ransomware and other malicious practices to profit from the worldwide disorder we are all living through. More than 80% of all cyber incidents is caused by human error. To avoid such mistakes it is essential the workplace is secure, and employees are aware of the risks. In collaboration with her partners, CBABenelux focusses on workplace security, and awareness training through various online platforms.
Would you like to know more about awareness training, or are you curious if your workspace is secure? Call us on +3120-6104888, or sign up through the contact form at the bottom of the page.
For the homeworker
With working from home comes a lot of software, which costs time and money. With that in mind, at this difficult time, we have compiled a collection of temporarily free tools to use. Of course, CBABenelux is always available to help you and your company implement and use these tools.
ManageEngine Remote Access Toolkit – Access Manager Plus & Remote Access Plus are free to use until July 1. Click on the image or  here.
ADSelfService Plus is now free for 60 days! Click on the image or here  for the download page.
ManageEngine will also host a webinar on ADSelfService Plus on April 9th, please click on the image to sign up.
Kaspersky Lab made its complete Business suite free to use for healthcare organizations world-wide .This includes Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business, Endpoint Security Cloud Plus, Security for Microsoft 365 and Hybrid Cloud Security. These are the full versions of the products and the licenses are valid for six months. Contact us directly for a request!
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