New Agent


We are glad to present the new, unified agent for asset discovery


In Servicedesk plus and Assetexplorer the unified agent, courtesy

of Desktop Central, the unified endpoint management solution

from ManageEngine, replaces our existing asset inventory agent. 

Tentative Release Date: June 30, 2021 (Subject to change) 

The enhanced capabilities that the unified agent brings to

the table helps IT administrators discover and manage

their IT asset landscape better.

Here's a glimpse at the new agent's ITAM capabilities:

Enhanced asset discovery

Scan IT assets such as Windows, Linux, and macOS

devices with the unified agent.

Advanced remote control

Leverage the unified agent to take remote control of IT assets.

Automated warranty tracking

Stay on top of the warranty information of your IT assets.
UEM Remote Access Plus add-on for ServiceDesk Plus

/ AssetExplorer

Further, the former System Tools add-on is now known

as the UEM Remote Access Plus add-on. The remote ITAM

capabilities that are part of the add-on now leverage the new,

unified agent and offer several advantages.