Free Active Directory Tools 4.4


Free Active Directory Tools Offers:


Local User Manager:

A "Powershell cmdlet" to effectively manage the local user accounts of domain users.

Terminal Session Manager:

A "powershell cmdlet" to identify and manage Windows Terminal Service Sessions in the Domain

Last Logon Reporter:

Helps you find the Last Logon time of the Users in the Domain.

Password Policy Manager:

View / Manage Password Policies for the entire Domain.

AD Replication Manager:

Manually force the replication of Data between Domain Controllers in a Domain / Forest

SharePoint Manager:

View Reports on Microsoft Office SharePoint Tree Structure and the entire SharePoint Environment

DMZ Port Analyzer:

Analyses your computer to detect dynamic ports that are not opened for Application Functioning

Domain and DC Roles Reporter:

Get the complete information on Domain Controllers and their Roles in a selected Domain

AD Query Tool:

Stop Searching, Query your Active Directory to get all the required data in a single view.

DC Monitor:

Monitor every Performance Parameter for efficient functioning of your Active Directory Domain Controllers

Empty Password Reporter:

Keep track of users with empty passwords and avoid any security related issues

Duplicated Identifier:

Know all duplicate objects in your Domain in a single click.

CSV Generator:

Generate any CSV file that you require by using just the basic Active Directory Attributes

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