Zoho Office for SharePoint


Collaborate in Real-Time:

Microsoft SharePoint is a great centralized content repository. But when it comes to collaboration, users need to still follow the old model of serialized collaboration: one user at time - check-out, edit, save, check-in, rinse, repeat. But with Zoho Office for SharePoint, users benefit with Zoho\'s multi-user concurrent editing capabilities. This means several users can open the same document at the same time, with everyone being able to contribute to the document in real-time.

Your data stays behind the firewall:

With Zoho Office for SharePoint, you can continue to keep your data behind your firewall and use Zoho Applications for collaboration purposes. Data stays in-house and you can still use the collaborative editing capabilities in Zoho.

Make Microsoft SharePoint Content for A Wider Number of Users and Devices:

Users access Microsoft SharePoint through a browser, which is great because that means it can be accessed through a great number of devices. But when it comes to editing the documents stored in Microsoft SharePoint, a more robust client machine is needed. With Zoho Office for SharePoint, practically any machine can access Microsoft SharePoint and edit the content stored on it.

Leverage your Existing Microsoft SharePoint Investment:

Zoho Office for SharePoint allows customers who have invested money, time and resources on their Microsoft SharePoint licenses, infrastructure, maintenance, setup and personnel to leverage that investment. All content will continue to be stored and managed in Microsoft SharePoint, but users will have more options for creating, viewing and editing documents. Zoho Office for SharePoint requires only a small install on the server(s) running Microsoft SharePoint. There is no need to touch the client machines.

A better way to create and edit documents and store them in Microsoft SharePoint:

For about the price of a latte, Zoho Office for SharePoint provides document, spreadsheet and presentation creation/editing/viewing functionality for an entire month. Perhaps just as important, because licenses are purchased on a monthly basis, you will not end up paying for licenses that go unused as the employee base fluctuates over time.

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