DataSecurity Plus Professional

Real-time Windows file server auditing and analysis software

DataSecurity Plus Professional is a tool that allows real-time monitoring, reporting, and alerting of all the permissions and other changes made to files and folders on your Windows file server. Additionally, it provides a detailed analysis of file storage and access attempts. It helps improve data security and information management in your Windows file server environment, so you can meet compliance requirements in a comprehensive yet simple and cost-effective way.

The Access Audit report provides detailed information on the quintessential Four W's—who accessed what, when, and from where. This will help you keep track of all accesses and changes. The Access Analysis report provides a summary view of accesses and changes, which can help you detect access trends. ( Inherited permissions ! ) .

The File Analysis report helps isolate files that are old, unused, unmodified, large, hidden, or non-business; making data cleanup easier. The Disk Analysis report provides visual insight into disk space usage and trends, facilitating optimization of disk space; it also reveals properties of files and folders.

Examine share and security permissions of files and folders and prevent access exploitation.



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